What Ricky Whittle Would Look Like As Green Lantern

BossLogic has now imagined what actor Ricky Whittle would look like in the role of Green Lantern character John Stewart. Michael Green, the co-screenwriter of the 2011 Green Lantern movie and co-showrunner of Starz' American Gods TV series, has nominated his American Gods star Whittle to play John Stewart on the big screen, possibly in the live-action Green Lantern Corps movie that is currently in development.

While Hal Jordan is typically the first Green Lantern from Earth, for fans of a certain age John Stewart has replaced him in popularity. Stewart was the main Green Lantern in DC's animated universe in the 1990s and early 2000s, which culminated in Justice League Unlimited. Ever since Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern movie, where the actor played Hal Jordan, flopped some fans have felt that John Stewart should become the Green Lantern in the DC Films Universe - further allowing the shared cinematic franchise to start over with a clean slate, when it comes to casting its Green Lantern characters.

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As is usual for this kind of situation, internet famous fan artist BossLogic has crafted together what Whittle would look like in the DC movie universe. The results, while far from official, are certainly impressive, as you can see below:

Green lantern for today's PS @MrRickyWhittle @andmichaelgreen

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) November 28, 2017

Since his introduction in the comics, John Stewart's Green Lantern uniform hasn't radically changed, but BossLogic has still found a way to craft the costume in a way that feels appropriate for the comics and the live-action DC universe. In fact, the way that Whittle is posed is not too dissimilar to the way that Jason Momoa was positioned when he was first unveiled as Aquaman. This just lends further credibility to the fan casting, even though there are no real talks or discussion surrounding Whittle other than fan support.

Of course, Whittle is far from the first actor to be fancast in the role of Green Lantern's John Stewart. Tyrese Gibson has long campaigned to be cast as Stewart and he's just one of many. Whittle, however, is at the right age, fame level, and physical presence to play John Stewart on the big screen. While DC's films have gone after some heavy hitters for certain roles (like Ben Affleck as Batman, Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Will Smith as Deadshot), typically they've chosen relative lesser-knowns to play their big heroes.

Case in point: Gal Gadot was a bit player in the Fast & Furious franchise before being cast as Wonder Woman. Meanwhile Ray Fisher's first major role is as Cyborg in Justice League. Whittle could easily graduate from the likes of The CW's The 100 and his lead role in American Gods to appearing in the DC movie franchise. If nothing else, Whittle has the look down for the John Stewart Green Lantern, so that's one more thing working in his favor here.

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Source: BossLogic

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