Ricky Gervais Reveals Upcoming Special With Louis C.K. & 'An Idiot Abroad 2'

Today, loveable comedian Ricky Gervais took park in a conference call to promote The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards. While many of questions dealt with The Golden Globes, Gervais’ amazing career and Karl Pilkington, the eccentric comedic genius did reveal some upcoming projects he has in the pipeline.

Most recently, Gervais noted that he had just finished filming and is currently editing a special with Louis C.K., Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld for an eventual television special in the same tone as his previous Ricky Meets… series.

While no anticipated airdate or network location was revealed, Gervais did say that the special consisted of him sitting down with the other famous comedians to discuss what their first jokes were, what their approach is to comedy and just general thoughts about the hilarious occupation.

In total, the four legends of comedy filmed for over four hours. After editing is completed, the yet-untitled project will be around an hour long and will presumably air in the UK first, with American television rights most likely being sold to HBO, for airing at a later date.


An Idiot Abroad 2

Karl Pilkington: An Idiot Abroad 2

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant hilariously terrorized the legend that is Karl Pilkington with the 7 wonders of the world in Sky TV’s An Idiot Abroad. After which, Pilkington proclaimed that he would never participate in a sequel to the series - however, after the series turned out to be a ratings hit for the UK network, it looks like Sky TV wants to tap back into the world Karl Pilkington.

While no official deal has been made. Gervais stated that he and Stephen Merchant have been in talks with the network. Unfortunately, the talks have not yet included Pilkington, as Gervais quickly noted that Karl has no time to take a meeting with Sky TV.

If you’re wondering what events are preventing Karl from sitting in on meeting for a sequel to his hit television series, it should be no surprise that the reason is very much what you’d expect from the unintentionally hilarious bloke – he’s too busy helping workers finish his new countertop.

Even though Pilkington’s current construction commitments are preventing the progression of An Idiot Abroad 2, once the man “with a head like an orange” has time available, there’s no doubt that Gervais and Merchant will be able to coerce their unwilling friend into another round of world travels.

Karl Pilkington

Unfortunately, for U.S. fans of Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington, it hasn’t been an announced when or on what network An Idiot Abroad will makes its American debut. Fortunately, Gervais noted that the series has been sold around the world, so expect an announcement soon.

These items are just two minor subjects that were briefly touched about in Gervais’ hour-long conference call; we will be providing a full account of his hilarious and introspective notions tomorrow. Check back then.


The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs January 16 @8pm EST, on NBC

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