Rick & Morty Comic Reaches 50 Issues; Variant Cover Art Revealed

Rick and Morty

The Rick and Morty comic book celebrates fifty issues with an art gallery in New York City. Rick and Morty is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television, blending lowbrow humor with complex and thoughtful characterization to create a uniquely singular experience. The show was recently renewed by Adult Swim for a whopping seventy episodes over the next several years, so fans of Rick and Morty have plenty of adventures to look forward to in the realm of television.

In the multimedia space, Rick and Morty has expanded to include video games, tabletop titles, and a successful comic series from Oni Press. The comic book series began in April 2015 and is going strong to this day, to the tune of fifty episodes, not including side stories and events like the Dungeons & Dragons crossover. In celebration of this landmark event, a month-long Rick and Morty exhibit has opened up at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

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The low-key exhibit features framed art from all fifty issues of the monthly comic series, including two alternate variant covers for the landmark fiftieth issue. Issue #50 releases on May 29 and is takes its queues from the previous 49 issues in the style of any self-respecting milestone celebration! The Bottleneck Gallery Rick and Morty exhibition began its run on May 21 and is set to run through June 20.

Rick and Morty Issue 50 Variant Covers

The Rick and Morty comic started out as a spinoff set in an alternate universe, dealing with the adventures of a parallel Rick and Morty pairing, thus avoiding any continuity snarls with the television series. However, starting with Volume 3 (issue 11), the series decided to play off the television show, featuring the continuing adventures of the Rick and Morty pairing to whom fans have become accustomed. This way, the series can avoid existing in a vacuum and build off the events of the show.

The future is looking bright for Rick and Morty. Between the ongoing comic series and the upcoming season four, there is plenty of new Rick and Morty in the pipeline for fans to devour. Rick and Morty: Season 4 is scheduled to begin airing sometime in November 2019 - more than two years after the finale of Season 3.

Meanwhile, fans of creator Justin Roiland can look forward to Trover Saves the Universe. Developed by his studio, Squanch Games (formerly known as Squanchtendo), Trover Saves the Universe features Roiland's distinct brand of comedy and can be seen as something of a spiritual companion to the universe of Rick and Morty.

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