Rick & Morty’s “Ticket Theory” Explained (& Why It Could Actually Be True)

The "Ticket Theory" of Rick and Morty is true and here's how. The animated show created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland has become a touchstone of pop-culture in recent years thanks to a feverish fan base. Rick and Morty isn't just a fun series though that is good for a few laughs, as viewers keep finding new details in the show over time. And just like most other fandoms, this results in plenty of theories over what is really going on in Rick and Morty.

Through all of the theorizing, fans have come up with ideas like Doofus Rick being the original Rick for Evil Morty. However, other fans have argued that Evil Morty could be the original Morty of the show's main Rick. There are countless other theories about Rick and Morty, but one that has gained quite a bit of steam is what is now known as the Ticket Theory.

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The Ticket Theory is a complicated one that ties together various Rick and Morty details to show how the series has explored the multiverse more than most have realized. The multi-dimensional adventures of Rick and Morty are the basis of the entire series, which follows the Rick and Morty from C-137. However, according to the Ticket Theory, this is only sometimes the case, with different Ricks and Mortys being followed in various episodes. The evidence for this theory comes down to a ticket used in season 2.

To quickly summarize the Ticket Theory would be a difficult task, so here are the vital pieces of information to know. During the season 2 episode "Mortynight Run," Rick and Morty have to drop off Jerry at a Jerryboree, a daycare specifically for Jerrys from across the multiverse. When dropping him off, Rick marks on a form that he is from C-137 but puts N/A for Jerry's dimension - as C-137's Jerry ended up becoming a bearded wild man in the post-Cronenberg apocalypse. Rick and Morty receive ticket 5126 to claim their Jerry at the end of their adventure. When the episode does see Rick and Morty return to Jerryboree, that's when the first tease that "Mortynight Run" has focused on a completely different Rick and Morty pairing is made.

The Rick and Morty that walk into Jerryboree are greeted by the Jerry whom C-137 Rick and Morty dropped off, but they do so without showing they have ticket 5126. Then, another Rick appears on screen with the ticket and asking for his Jerry back, resulting in them swapping Jerrys. It's a quick but important moment as it lays the foundation for future episodes, like "Total Rickall," to switch to the story of a Rick and Morty not from C-137. That episode shows Rick throwing away green rocks with pink crystals and makes mention of a Mr. Poopybutthole being a longtime family friend, even though it is his first appearance on the show. The Rick from "Mortynight Run" was shown acquiring green rocks with pink crystals, so "Total Rickall" is Rick and Morty revisiting this alternate pairing.

At this moment, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have yet to confirm that the Ticket Theory is accurate, but it does line up. With more seasons of Rick and Morty on the way, such a confirmation could come in the future. Even if it doesn't though, it certainly appears that the series is telling the stories of multiple Ricks and Mortys.

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