25 Twisted Rick And Morty Facts That Will Surprise Even Longtime Fans

These twisted Rick and Morty facts may surprise even the most dedicated fans of the animated series, no matter what Earth they're from. Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the time-traveling and universe-hopping show became a massive hit on Adult Swim when it debuted in 2013. The story follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith - both voiced by Roiland - as they repeatedly find themselves in trouble.

Over the course of the first three seasons, Rick and Morty has built up a large and dedicated fanbase. They've helped turn the show into a sensation online, which has been a bit tougher to maintain thanks to the long breaks between seasons. The third season aired in 2017 and there has yet to be any new episodes since then. This has just left those eager for more Rick and Morty to revisit the series over and over again as the wait for season four continues.

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So, to help pass the time before season four, Screen Rant's latest video (featured at the top of this post) counts down 25 facts pertaining to the show that may surprise even the most hardcore fan. Alternate casting ideas like Bryan Cranston as Jerry instead of Chris Parnell, a National Lampoon's Vacation reference, connections to other TV shows (both animated and live-action), and additional content based on this universe all come up, but fans will have to watch the full video to get all the information.

Rick and Morty Vindicators

One of the biggest crazes that Rick and Morty is responsible for is the mention of McDonald's old Szechuan Sauce. The speciality sauce was created and sold when Mulan was in theaters and upon it being included in the show, McDonald's decided to bring it back on a limited basis. Unfortunately for them and Rick and Morty fans, the demand for the sauce exceeded expectations and resulted in there being a major shortage of the product available to sell. Fans rioted and have continued to push for the Szechuan Sauce to be brought back on a larger scale, but so far that has yet to happen.

With an additional 70 episodes ordered by Adult Swim, there will be no shortage of new Rick and Morty episodes for fans to see at some point in the future though. There's been no official return date announced, and a 2019 launch is reportedly unlikely. If Rick and Morty returns in 2020 then, this will be a longer wait than most anticipated. However, with Disney's live-action Mulan remake also hitting theaters next year, maybe the multi-verse will align itself so that the return of these two properties will also see the Szechuan Sauce make an extended return of its own.

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