Rick And Morty: 10 Supporting Characters We'd Like To See Return In Season 4

Rick and Morty has plenty of great supporting characters, but some of them were gone too soon. We'd love to see these ones return in season 4!

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s hit animated sci-fi comedy series Rick and Morty will be returning for its fourth season on Adult Swim this November. The show has a huge, sprawling cast of supporting characters, because every episode introduces us to new inhabitants of its weird, intergalactic, interdimensional world.

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However, we rarely get to see these characters more than once. They serve the storyline of the episode they first appear in and then subsequent episodes have no need for them. But there are characters that fans want to see return. So, here are 10 Rick And Morty Supporting Characters We’d Like To See Return In Season 4.

10 Morty, Jr.

Raising Gazorpazorp Rick and Morty

In the season 1 episode “Raising Gazorpazorp,” Morty unwittingly conceived a child with a Gazorpian sex robot and then raised it. He named the kid Morty, Jr., and due to the Gazorpians’ accelerated lifespan, he grew up into an adult within a few short weeks and had left home by the end of the episode.

We haven’t seen Morty, Jr. since then, but the post-credits scene showed that he grew up and wrote a bitter memoir about how his dad raised him. If Morty, Jr. returned, possibly to exact revenge upon the subject of his memoir, it could make for a deliciously dark episode.

9 Snowball

It’s no secret that before co-creating Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland made an animatic for a pilot named Dog World, set in a dimension where intelligent dogs keep humans as pets, and he’s not gotten over the fact that it wasn’t picked up.

At the end of the Rick and Morty season 1 episode “Lawnmower Dog,” which was drawn heavily from Dog World, Morty’s dog Snowball went through a portal with the other super-smart dogs to a world where dogs are in charge. Roiland had big plans for Dog World, so maybe he could reuse some of those concepts with a Snowball return in season 4.

8 Mr. Poopybutthole

Rick and Morty - Mr. Poopybutthole

Of all the characters that Rick and Morty has introduced, Mr. Poopybutthole has reappeared more than most of them. His existence in “Total Rickall” was an anomaly, because we’d never seen him before, so we knew he was a parasite, but then when Beth shot him, he almost bled out and struggled through months of physiotherapy.

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So, somehow, he was real. The fact that he’s since broken the fourth wall a bunch of times suggests that Mr. Poopybutthole is a higher being who’s aware that Rick and Morty are characters in a TV show. This might be more of a final season reveal, but it would be fun to see it hinted at in season 4.

7 Abradolf Lincler

Rick and Morty Abradolf Lincler 2

The last time we saw Abradolf Lincler – Rick’s failed attempt at creating a morally neutral being by combining the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler – he was swearing revenge of Rick before being abducted by the Testicle Monsters to be used as a sex toy.

If he ever escaped from the clutches of the Testicle Monsters, he wouldn’t have forgotten that he swore revenge against Rick. In fact, he’d be angrier and more driven than ever. The writers had a field day coming up with lines for Abradolf Lincler – “Prepare to be emancipated from your own inferior genes!” – and fans wouldn’t object to seeing him again.

6 Jaguar

The exploits of Danny Trejo’s character Jaguar in season 3’s “Pickle Rick” parodied ultraviolent action thrillers like the John Wick movies, as well as every cliché of the Stallone/Schwarzenegger era of testosterone-fueled ‘80s action cinema. He had a dead daughter and Rick lied about the possibilities of the multiverse to avoid having to save her for him.

But if he found out that Rick was lying, and that he could jump through a portal and reunite with one of his infinite daughters that didn’t die, he would come for revenge. This would make an exciting, action-packed episode in the fourth season.

5 Evil Morty

Morty’s evil, otherworldly, eyepatch-wearing self made a reappearance in season 3 of Rick and Morty, which not many fans were expecting. He was elected to be the President of the Citadel, then quickly murdered the shadow cabinet of Ricks and decided that the Citadel would take a much darker turn.

Rick insinuated after the credits of that episode that he and Morty wouldn’t have to worry about the Citadel ever again, but hopefully, that was a sly bit of anti-foreshadowing and Evil Morty will return. He’s the only Morty to outsmart his Rick, so he’d been an interesting character to explore further.

4 Squanchy

Squanchy is one of Rick’s best friends and his homeworld clearly has an entirely unique, Smurf-like culture that the show can explore. Rick understands it – “Squanchy culture is more contextual than literal; you just say what’s in your squanch and people understand” – so he can be our catalyst into Squanchy’s world.

He was the officiator at Birdperson’s wedding, which was pretty sweet and hinted at the idea that there’s a lot about this guy that we don’t know yet. There’s clearly more to explore in the Squanchy character, so it would be great to see him squanch back into the mix for the fourth season.

3 Unity

Rick and Morty Quiz - Unity

Rick fell pretty deeply in love with Unity in the season 2 episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation.” She was played terrifically by guest star Christina Hendricks, and when she dumped Rick, it led to one of the most tragically memorable moments in the whole show.

Rick went into his garage, rigged a device to kill himself, and then passed out drunk before it could actually kill him. This is the most we’ve ever seen a character affect Rick emotionally, so it would be interesting to see the sci-fi version of bumping into your ex with the hive mind Unity returning to Rick and Morty.

2 Supernova

Supernova in Rick and Morty

The only survivor from the Vindicators, Supernova was played hilariously by Community star Gillian Jacobs and had a dark ending in season 3’s “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.” It was unclear after that episode if Rick exposed Supernova as a murderer or let her go on being a hero, but either way, it’s a loose end that needs tying up.

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The “Vindicators” episode was intended as a spoof of the MCU, and with the release of Avengers: Endgame this year, the MCU is as relevant and popular – and ripe for parody – as ever, so it would be exciting to see this theme revisited in season 4.

1 Phoenixperson

Tammy Guetermann and Phoenix Person in Rick and Morty

In the shocking season 2 finale of Rick and Morty, Summer’s friend Tammy revealed she’d been an undercover galactic agent the whole time and killed her fiancé Birdperson. Since then, all we’ve seen of those two characters was Tammy reporting back to her bosses and Birdperson being reborn as the villain Phoenixperson in the post-credits scene of the season 3 premiere.

Back when he was Birdperson, he was Rick’s best friend in the universe, and Rick was devastated when he was supposedly killed. So, for Birdperson to return as Phoenixperson would give Rick the same conflict Steve Rogers had when he realized the Winter Soldier was a brainwashed Bucky Barnes.

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