Rick & Morty Won't Have Long Hiatuses Between Seasons Anymore

Rick and Morty Run the Jewels

Fans of Ricky and Morty will have great cause to celebrate when the show returns for its fourth season as the popular Adult Swim vehicle will no longer have extended gaps of time between seasons. This news comes on the heels of Adult Swim's decision to order 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty in a move that surprised many.

Rick and Morty premiered on Adult Swim in 2013 and has had a devoted fan base ever since. Beyond serving as co-creator, writer, and director, Roiland also lends his voice for the titular characters. Fellow co-creator Dan Harmon has also served on the writing staff for the show. And Harmon has lent his voice talents for 10 of the series' 31 episodes. Other notable names that have been attached to the show include Saturday Night Live alum, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and voice actor Tom Kenny. The contract renewal for Rick and Morty season 4 added to the wait period for fans. Part of the negotiations were deciding on the 70 episode return of the series. It's a deal that is not very common in television, which means Adult Swim has great confidence in the show and Harmon and Roiland's vision for future episodes.

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Roiland talked to Polygon recently about the decision made by the network. The opportunity gives Roiland and Harmon the ability to flesh out stories, and maintain a flow for production purposes. Previous reports have stated that Rick and Morty's fourth season would not premiere until 2019. The show has followed suit with a two-year gap in between seasons.

Rick and Morty - Rest and Ricklaxation

Roiland has not offered information on the return of Rick and Morty's fourth season. However, he did confirm that the writers began working on new episodes in early June. Part of the task for production of the coming seasons will be releasing episodes quicker. With the new timeline for the cast and crew, and less of a wait period in between seasons, seeing more Rick and Morty is very much part of the near future for fans of the series. Considering the frustration stemming from the uncertainty of when new episodes would arrive and how long viewers would have to wait, Roiland confirming the breaks will at least be shorter should please fans.

As for future projects, Roiland is looking into merchandising for the show. Creating T-shirts for the fan base with character faces, and not just Rick and Morty's. Fans have created their own following of characters like Pickle Rick. It's a part of the fandom that Harmon and Roiland love to see, as creators of the show. With production having begun on new episodes, fans can look forward to the antics and adventures featured on Rick and Morty. As we saw with the return of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce last year, Rick and Morty fans are extremely vocal - especially when they're unhappy. But, all of Roiland and Harmon's efforts will hopefully ensure fans are happy for years to come.

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Source: Polygon

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