Rick and Morty Season 3 Trailer & Premiere Date Revealed

The wait is finally coming to an end for fans of Adult Swim's outrageously bizarre animated sci-fi comedy series Rick and Morty. It was announced at the end of Thursday night's special Rick and Morty live stream event that the long-delayed third season will hit Adult Swim beginning on July 30th, 2017. In conjunction with the announcement a new season 3 trailer has debuted.

The first episode of Rick and Morty season 3 was dropped completely out of the blue without prior announcement on April Fools' Day, making this year's April Fools' Day the first funny April Fools' Day in many a moon. But after that one episode appeared there was no further announcement about when more episodes might be coming and some fans began speculating that Rick and Morty might be gone forever.

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Adult Swim has put Rick and Morty fans' fears to rest by announcing that more episodes will indeed be coming on July 30th. The Adult Swim Twitter page made a little math riddle out of the announcement but the official Rick and Morty page took pity on fans' brains by posing a straight-forward date. A trailer was also released by Adult Swim.

0+ 7 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 =

Rick and Morty Season 3

— [adult swim] (@adultswim) June 30, 2017

JULY 30.

— Rick (((and Morty))) (@RickandMorty) June 30, 2017

Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty is a science fiction comedy series that follows the bizarre and sometimes outrageously imaginative adventures of mad scientist Rick and his hapless grandson Morty as they travel all over the universe and between dimensions, encountering bizarre aliens and causing mayhem wherever they go. Roiland himself voices both the ever-nervous Morty and the alcoholic Rick, two characters whose relationship can only be described as complicated. Occasionally Morty's normie parents Beth and Jerry and his sister Summer get sucked into the madness as well. Along the way, the show has introduced a staggering array of weird supporting characters from a variety of alien races, most of them hostile.

Due to recent concerns about the long delay in getting season 3 ready for air, show creator Dan Harmon took to the internet to calm down fans and tamp down rumors that he and Roiland were feuding and that Rick and Morty might be canceled. The level of worry over Rick and Morty's fate shows just how loyal and committed the series' fanbase has become over the course of two seasons plus one episode. Now that season 3 is sure to be arriving, fans can get ready for more time-and-space-bending hijinks.

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Rick and Morty season 3 premieres Sunday, July 30th at 11:30pm on Adult Swim.

Source: Adult Swim

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