Rick & Morty Celebrates Season 4 Start With BTS Season 3 Video

Rick and Morty in Morty's Mind Blowers

Rick and Morty are back, in a behind the scenes look at the hit animated show. With a 70 episode order and production underway for season 4, this sneak peak peers into the minds of the writers who bring the show to life, giving a glimpse into the unforgettable season 3 finale - and what could have been.

Season 3 ended with an epic battle between the President and Rick. Rick, feeling under appreciated, abandoned the President's call to fight a monster lurking under the White House, putting unrest between the two. Tensions quickly escalated, and the two eventually confronted one another in the Oval Office. While peaceful at first, the President dismisses a truce, beginning an all out war between himself and Rick using any and all gadgets either of them could get their hands on. Finding defeat in the realization of who he is truly harming, Rick makes a deal with the President, reuniting and taking his rightful place within the Sanchez family. While many critics have praised the finale and its cohesive conclusion to a season that had transcended beyond animated adult cartoons before it, it could have been very, very different.

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Posting to their Facebook page, Rick and Morty released a video of the show's writers hard at work, accompanied by a positive message to fans, "We're back in the writer's room! Here's a BTS look from Season 3". It's quickly revealed that while the final episode inevitably came to a battle between the President and Rick, it was originally planned that they would be comrades on a journey to wipe out ISIS werewolves. As crazy as that sounds, for a Rick and Morty episode it seems perfectly fitting. The video continues with a look into the writer's room as the team brainstorms the idea. While the episode went through several revisions - eventually eliminating the ISIS werewolves plot all together - the video provides a humorous and endearing look at the process behind the animation, as well as a glimpse into what the writers are busy doing right now.

Rick and Morty Run the Jewels

While the video doesn't reveal anything from Rick and Morty's highly anticipated season 4, it does give fans of the show insight into the writing process and the room where it all begins. There's a carefree and playful camaraderie between all the writers, as they bounce ideas off of one another. Utilizing a white board beneath images of each character, the writers map out the final episode, tweaking and adding as they go. Fans will especially enjoy the off the cuff parody of "Eye of the Tiger" from Dan Harmon - who provides much of the video's humor and heart.

Season 3 received the highest ratings ever on Adult Swim, proving its popularity further by becoming the highest rated comedy on television among millennials. Fans were shocked when a renewal was not announced by the network following the conclusion of season 3, and as months dragged on, potentially devastating contract negotiations seemed to threaten the show's future. Yet, the popularity of the show won out, with Adult Swim renewing the series not just for another season, but for a 70 episode order. Production kicked into action shortly after. With this latest news announcing the writers' return to the drawing board, excitement builds as fans get one step closer to the release of Season 4.

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While no official date has been announced, Rick and Morty is expected to return to Adult Swim in 2019.

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