What Rick & Morty Gets RIGHT About Real-World Science

Rick and Morty may not appear to be concerned with the scientific accuracy of its ideas, but here's everything it gets right about real-world science.

Rick and Morty deals a lot with science-fiction, but here's everything that the show actually gets right about science. Primarily following the adventures of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith, Rick and Morty has continued to lean into the weirder aspects of the show that viewers have come to expect. The creativity and humor on display are just a few reasons why the series has become so popular in just three seasons. While many of the strange aspects that it includes are made up by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, even some of them are based in real-world science.

At first, the idea that a show like Rick and Morty - with all of its odd extremes - could be scientifically accurate may seem absurd. Through its use of strange technology, aliens, characters like Mr. Poopybutthole, or transforming Rick into Pickle Rick, there's a lot that may seem far fetched. But, Rick has proven to be a brilliant scientist and Morty has even shown flashes of genius himself. So, have you ever wondered just how accurate the show is when it comes to the science it explores?

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The scientific accuracy of Rick and Morty is exactly what the latest video from Screen Rant sets out to explore. Ahead of the season 4 premiere, we're taking a look back on how accurate the science of Rick and Morty is. Below, we'll have sections on all of the science that is actually based in real-world discoveries or theories - even though some may seem fake or unbelievable.

Love Is A Chemical Reaction

One early example of Rick and Morty agreeing with science is how Rick explains love to his young grandson. During the season 1 episode "Rick Potion #9", Morty wants Rick to make a love-potion so that Jessica will fall in love with him. However, his brilliant grandfather actually agrees with science for what "love" is. According to Rick and a scientific study, what is commonly referred to as love is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions in your body. This biological chain of events is what determines whether we think that someone else would be a suitable partner. Scientists theorized that further study of this could even lead to the development of a love-potion - just hopefully one better than Rick's.

Robots Giving Birth

Surprisingly, Morty's Gazorpazorp child that was birthed from a robot is also (loosely) based around real-world science. Training simulator robots have recently been created that can simulate the birthing experience. They are traditionally used to help doctors and nurses practice births and their various complications. These robots do not involve the conception process that Rick and Morty demonstrates, but that could one day happen. Emmanuel Greenberg devised an artificial uterus in 1955, and even though it has yet to become truly functional, the basis for Rick and Morty's birthing robot is there.

Hivemind Mentality

Another area where Rick and Morty was scientifically accurate was in how it portrayed the hivemind mentality. The second season introduced Rick's ex-lover Unity, which is actually a collective hivemind, and it used proven tactics to spread its shared mind. Those who are already under Unity's control have to puke into the mouths of those who are not part of the hivemind to bring them into the fold. This is similar to how queen bees are able to control their subjects, as they use pheromones to make other bees follow their lead. These pheromones make worker bees more focused and change their DNA to become docile so their only purpose is work.

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Dark Matter Engine

Rick and Morty's adventures around the universe are partially possible through the dark matter engine in Rick's spaceship. So far, dark matter engines have not yet been created in real-life, but the idea for them has been formulated and predates the series. A physicist in 2009 theorized how a dark matter engine could be created. The idea is for a spacecraft to have an intake attached to the front that collects dark matter particles throughout its travels. These particles would then move into the dark matter engine and combust with each other to give the spacecraft even higher travel speeds. Unfortunately, humanity is not close to being able to create the necessary technology to make a dark matter engine.

Multiverse Theory

Rick and Morty in the Citadel

The multiverse theory in many ways is the basis for the entirety of Rick and Morty and is an incredibly popular working theory in the scientific community. Although an actual multiverse has not yet been proven to exist, scientists believe that it would work just like how Rick and Morty depict it. There are infinite realities with various differences between them based on the choices made by individuals. Rick and Morty has explored the multiverse plenty, even having Rick and Morty leave their reality behind after Rick turned the entire population into Cronenberg monsters. This theory is also the basis for the series introducing so many different versions of Rick and Morty - like Doofus Rick or Evil Morty.

Robotic Iron Man-like Suits

Thanks to advances in technology, even Rick and Morty's weaponized robotic suits can be linked to real-world science. They first put on these suits when they were stranded on an alien planet during their Purge night. While humanity has yet to invent suits that scan on or with all the abilities that Rick and Morty had, multiple countries are working on making weaponized suits a reality. So far, there are only prototypes that have been made, so an army full of Iron Man-like suits is not yet a reality. But, with some people constructing similar suits that can fly, it may not be that long before it changes.

Freeze Ray

The freeze ray is a popular weapon in science-fiction, with Rick and Morty also utilizing the device. Once again, no actual freeze ray has been developed in the real world, but the science and technology behind such a device does exist. Theoretically, a freeze ray would use similar tech as the machines used for cryogenic freezing. While that technology would be used to preserve people's bodies until a later date, the liquid nitrogen theoretically used in them could be applied to a freeze ray. As the unfreezing process has still yet to be solved in the real world though, that is where Rick and Morty has surpassed actual science.

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