Rick and Morty Star In Run the Jewels Music Video

Rick and Morty in Oh Mama by Run the Jewels

The guys from Rick and Morty channel Pulp Fiction's Vincent and Jules in a new video for Run the Jewels' old track "Oh Mama". Fans starved for new Rick and Morty content may have to content themselves with such guest appearances for the foreseeable future, as season 4 may still be a long way off. Or they could just drown their sorrows in Szechuan sauce.

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty follows the adventures of a mad scientist and his grandson as they dimension-hop around the multiverse via Rick's trusty portal gun. The series may be built upon a solid foundation of wild sci-fi speculation, but its true concern is examining human relationships. And the relationships on Rick and Morty are very complicated indeed. In the process, the series goes to some very dark places. The always inventive, sometimes brutally truthful Rick and Morty has caught on in a big way with young audiences, spawning endless memes...and generating sometimes ridiculous fan-related controversies.

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With season 4 still a long way off, Adult Swim whets Rick and Morty fans' insatiable appetites with a music video featuring an all-new adventure. It's 3 and a half minutes of pure Rick and Morty madness set to Run the Jewels' "Oh Mama", a track from the rap duo's 2016 album Run the Jewels 3. It's also the most violent Rick and Morty escapade since last season's "Pickle Rick" episode. See the clip above (warning: NSFW language, Rick doing Rick things).

The video's art style is classic Rick and Morty, though the animation does get a 3D upgrade in spots. We begin with Rick and Morty soaring over the desert in Rick's spaceship. Their matching suits and sunglasses immediately give away the big Pulp Fiction connection. Things get violent quickly when Rick and Morty arrive at a club populated by some of the show's signature insect-looking aliens. Our animated heroes kick the door in and cut loose with their sci-fi machine guns, splattering bugs all over the place. The bloodbath leaves one guy alive, clutching some kind of case to his chest. Rick quickly divests him of the case, opens a portal and exits.

In Act 2, Rick and Morty arrive in some vaguely psychedelic desert landscape only to have a bunch of weird alien fish things emerge from the ground and begin chasing them. Rick and Morty race to escape the fish, ultimately getting away via a trippy inter-dimensional tunnel. When the duo arrive back home, we find out what was in the case: an adorable alien embryo. Does Rick have a sudden craving to be a father to an alien? Not exactly. Rick accelerates the embryo's growth and it slops out of its incubator. Within seconds, Rick is beating up the quivering, terrified newborn alien. What does Rick want? Of course, another briefcase. Having beaten the location of the case out of the alien, Rick goes to retrieve it. But the guy from the club is waiting for him with a bunch of his thugs.

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Rick naturally is one step ahead of the aliens and uses a portal to ambush them. Another insane massacre ensues. The clip reaches its very Rick and Morty climax when a weary Rick, finally in possession of his prize, returns to his miserable little room with Morty. A quick flip of a switch and Morty disappears down a trap door. Mortys, as we know, tend to be disposable. Don't worry though, the "real" Morty is still alive. But when he and his sister Summer drop in, Rick slams a blast door in their face. A satisfied Rick sits down on his bed and opens his briefcase. And what's inside? A final reference to Pulp Fiction, of course!

Source: Adult Swim

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