• The Ultimate Rick And Morty Pickle Rick Gift Guide

    Few Rick and Morty fans would argue that season 3’s “Pickle Rick” is a great episode of the show. It’s sort of meta in the way that it plays with the audience’s expectations from clips in trailers. The Season 3 trailer showed one clip of Rick as a pickle crying out, “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!” and the Internet went nuts.

    Then the episode aired and it didn’t disappoint, as it opened with the clip from the trailer and then escalated the stakes continuously until a humble, bittersweet ending in a therapist’s office. It’s a fantastic episode. Here are 10 Pickle Rick Collectibles For Rick And Morty Fans.

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  • 10 / 10
    Funko Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty – Pickle Rick Collectible Figure

    GET IT NOW: $10.99

    In the “Pickle Rick” episode, Rick gives himself mobility despite having no arms or legs by tonguing a cockroach’s brain to make it move its legs. Later, he sets up some traps that allow him to capture a rat and use its rib cage to create a suit of armor. From then on, he’s pretty much unstoppable.

    This Funko Pop! figure gives us Rick after the completion of his bony suit of armor, along with the little drills mounted on his fists and the weird, fleshy legs. He’s got that angry look in his eye, like he is about to pounce.

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  • 9 / 10
    Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Pattern Men’s Crew Socks 2 Pair Pack

    GET IT NOW: $12.99

    One of the best ways for any Rick and Morty fan to show their love for the “Pickle Rick” episode is by wearing the image of Pickle Rick on their socks. There are two pairs: one green pair with a bunch of Pickle Ricks on them and one black pair with a Pickle Rick on each side.

    So, each day, you can choose how much Pickle Rick you want on your feet as you select the day’s pair of socks. The socks are made of a stretchy, comfortable, soft fabric: 97% polyester as well as 3% spandex for the extra flexibility.

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  • 8 / 10
    Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick Hardcover Ruled Journal With Pen

    GET IT NOW: $13.88

    This notebook not only has Pickle Rick’s face on the cover, it comes with a pen modeled after a pickle. So, you can write in your Pickle Rick journal with a Pickle Rick pen – it’s pretty awesome. There are 196 pages, so there’s plenty of room for note-taking and doodling, and the pages are made of thick, rich, heavy-duty, high-quality lined paper.

    The inside covers have pictures of Pickle Rick and a cool pattern on them, bringing together a bunch of Pickle Ricks from different angles. Liven up your college lectures and office meetings with a “Pickle Rick” themed journal.

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  • 7 / 10
    Rick and Morty: Talking Pickle Rick

    GET IT NOW: $9.17

    This plastic recreation of the Pickle Rick character is mounted to a speaker. It yells out classic quotes from the episode, like “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!” and “I’m Pickle Riiick!” The product also comes with a 48-page book, all about the anatomy and story of Pickle Rick.

    Has there ever been a book written that was worthier of inclusion on your coffee table than that? The writer who conceived the “Pickle Rick” story idea reportedly said, “What if we started the episode this way, with [Rick] turning himself into a pickle?” simply because “he’d want to prove himself.” This product embodies that spirit with the perfect quotes.

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  • 6 / 10
    Funko Galactic Plushies: Rick & Morty – 18” Pickle Rick, Multicolor

    GET IT NOW: $24.00

    While the Pickle Rick who appears in the episode doesn’t seem like the cuddliest fellow on Earth, he makes a good plushie. The actual Pickle Rick rolls around in raw sewage and licks cockroaches’ brains to make them move and hangs out in the men’s bathroom of a crime syndicate, so you wouldn’t want to cuddle up next to him.

    But this plushie is clean and soft and fuzzy and, thankfully, it hasn’t been near any toilets or rat carcasses. It’s funny to see a character – or a version of a character – who was created as a parody of ultraviolent action heroes like John Wick in plushie form.

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  • 5 / 10
    Bioworld Pickle Rick Neck Pillow

    GET IT NOW: $24.95

    No one should ever set foot on a plane without a memory foam neck pillow. It’s the softest, most comfortable thing you can rest your aching neck on during a long flight. And now, you can bring your Rick and Morty fandom into the mix with the Pickle Rick neck pillow.

    There’s even a little button clasp to keep the pillow secured around your neck. It won’t fall off when you’re boarding the plane if it’s clasped around your neck and you won’t have to leave it stowed away in your carry-on luggage. There are situations other than flights where neck pillows come in handy, but flights are the best way to use them.

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  • 4 / 10
    Funko Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty: Pickle No Limbs Version Vinyl Figure

    GET IT NOW: $8.84

    When Pickle Rick is forced to take on a criminal organization and an assassin named Jaguar played by Danny Trejo, he gets seriously angry. That angry look is recreated in this awesome Funko Pop! figure, with his blacked-out eyes and a neat display base that makes it the perfect ornament.

    Series co-creator Dan Harmon has said that the “Pickle Rick” episode was heavily influenced by the Breaking Bad season 2 episode “4 Days Out,” because in that episode, Walter White found himself “up against primal forces” and needed to “fall back on his basic science knowledge to keep [himself and Jesse] alive.”

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  • 3 / 10
    Rick and Morty ‘I’m Pickle Rick!’ Ceramic Coffee Mug

    GET IT NOW: $12.72

    Become the envy of the office break room with this “Pickle Rick” themed coffee mug. You need to cup to drink your coffee (or tea or cocoa or whatever) from anyway, so you might as well show off what a huge fan of Rick and Morty you are with that mug.

    This one has an image of Pickle Rick on it against a stark black background with his famous quote, “I’m Pickle Rick!” written on it. The show’s logo is printed on the other side, and it’s a 20 oz. mug, so there’s plenty of room for a big drink.

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  • 2 / 10
    Surreal Entertainment Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Travel Cup with Straw and Character Lid

    GET IT NOW: $12.95

    At the 2016 Comic Con, a rough cut of the animation from “Pickle Rick” was shown. At the time, Rick and Morty fans thought Rick was trapped in an intergalactic prison, so they expected the pickle thing to be how he would escape from prison.

    Of course, in “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” he escaped from prison in a very different way and “Pickle Rick” turned out to be completely unrelated. Still, it became a classic and beloved episode, and now, you can drink out of Pickle Rick. This cup comes with a straw and is designed to look just like Pickle Rick does in the episode.

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  • 1 / 10
    Funko 29783 Action Figure: Rick & Morty Pickle, Multicolor

    GET IT NOW: $18.22

    This Funko action figure shows Pickle Rick kitted out with everything: the cockroach muscles, the rat bones, the rat’s head, all of his armor. According to character designer Kendra Melton, “There’s probably at least 100 versions of that rat suit,” because they struggled to get it right.

    The first few were “too adorable,” according to Dan Harmon, and the tone of the murder scenes didn’t feel right with the cute look. Melton noted of the changes: “We arched the back a lot more, put some boils on him, [and] got rid of some fur.” Now, you can own a Funko action figure of the final design from the episode.

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