Rick & Morty: Pickle Rick is Getting His Own Funko

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Pickle Rick is getting two Funko figures. Rick and Morty's genius scientist/pickled cucumber hybrid made quite the splash in the third episode of the show's ongoing season 3. Therein, Rick turned himself into a pickle to try and get out of family therapy, only to end up embroiled in one of his most violent adventures to date. And in the end, he still had to go to therapy.

Pickle Rick has been one of the biggest talking points so far this season - arguably, it’s second only to the Szechuan sauce hype. McDonalds’ discontinued Mulan tie-in dip was referenced extensively in the season 3 premiere, to the point that fans later bid thousands of dollars for a chance to taste it. The fast food retailer even sent some Szechuan goodness to the series’ creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, which had hilarious results.

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Here, however, it's all about Pickle Rick. Two different Pickle Rick Funko Pop figures have been revealed: one that has the spikes on his arms from the sewer segment of the original Rick & Morty episode, while the other has the shoulder-mounted laser - and a Duracell battery - from the Jaguar battle sequence in the episode. You can check out both of those figures, below:

Pickle Rick, the standout design of Rick and Morty season 3, is beautiful in its simplicity: it’s just a green pickle with a few facial features and a quartet of makeshift limbs. This makes Pickle Rick an ideal candidate for the Funko Pop treatment. To create these cute figures, Funko normally has to simplify the original design rather a lot. But in this case, there’s barely any detail to draw on, making the figures remarkably accurate.

Funko’s blog promises that these Pickle Rick figures will be available to purchase in December. They’re bound to fly off store shelves quickly, given the show’s large and enthusiastic fan base. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for more cool Rick and Morty imagery, check here for some fan-made Vindicators art that actually makes the parody superhero team seem cool. Who knew that summoning ghost trains could look so bad-ass?

Between Rick’s visit to the McDonalds of his mind, the Pickle Rick incident, the Vindicators threequel, and the toxicity-themed latest installment – not to mention that Jerry-centric episode - this is shaping up to be another highly imaginative and endlessly entertaining season of Rick and Morty. Tragically, there are only four episodes left before another long wait begins. A yuletide visit from the Funko version of Pickle Rick might just numb that pain.

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Rick and Morty airs Sundays on Adult Swim.

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