15 Most WTF Things That Happened On Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty

Get out your portal gun and prepare to get schwifty, it is time to plunge into the darkest depths of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. It has been nearly two years since we last saw a full series of the Doc Brown-esque inventor and his downtrodden grandson. While fans of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s show were gifted to an early season 3 premiere on April Fool’s Day, it has us squanching for more of their adventures.

What is it that makes this show more addictive than Morty’s love potion? Away from the humdrum existence of the Smith family home, Rick and Morty takes us to some strange worlds with even stranger inhabitants. The cast is made up of giant werewolf cats, someone named “Mr. Poopy Butthole,” and even a jelly bean with a chequered past around children. However, characters aside, the way that Roiland and Harmon weave their cavalcade of comedy creatures into the show is what sets Rick and Morty apart from everything else out there.

Carefully balancing comedy, sci-fi, and even horror, each episode is likely to leave you splitting your sides with laughter or racing to the toilet in horror. So, as we tool up for season 3, let’s look back at the 15 Most WTF Things That Happened On Rick And Morty

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Butter Robot Rick and Morty
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15 Butter Robot's Fate - "Something Ricked This Way Comes"

Butter Robot Rick and Morty

Remember Jim Carrey's grim realization that his entire life was just to entertain others on The Truman Show? Well, imagine finding out that you were simply created to serve someone else butter. Enter easily the most tragic Rick and Morty character ever - simply known as Butter Robot.

Rick's brilliant mind has some madcap inventions like his portal gun, however, giving them an actual soul may seem like a step too far, especially when your sole purpose is to “pass the butter.” Public sympathy for the poor little tin can reached such fever pitch that one inventor actually created their own working version, but let’s just hope it has a happier life than Rick’s

Rick and Morty may be known for tugging at the heartstrings, but no one was prepared for Butter Robot’s life of drudgery shoehorned in among the comedy - where does he go at night; does he feel pain; does he have a wife? #Justiceforbutter needs to start trending and this is one character we simply have to see in season 3.

14 The Meeseeks Turn Nasty - "Meeseeks and Destroy"

Mr Meeseeks Rick and Morty

Who wouldn’t want their own chirpy blue friend to help you better your life? Forget the columns of a trashy magazine, Rick and Morty has their very own agony aunt in the form of Mr. Meeseeks. As with all of Rick’s good ideas, his power shouldn’t be trusted to those around him - especially not the family.

It was a simple premise; Summer wanted to be more popular, Beth wanted to be a better woman, and Jerry wanted to take two strokes off his golf. However, golf is one sport where Jerry was severely lacking and Mr. Meeseeks decided to recruit some help from another Meeseeks

As the number of Meeseeks grew and tensions rose, the blue helpers soon turned on each other in a Battle Royale brawl. Realizing that they couldn't die until the task was completed, Mr. Meeseeks had a new goal - kill Jerry Smith.

The episode ended with a violent mob of Meeseeks hunting down Beth and Jerry, taking a restaurant of diners hostage. Under pressure, Jerry completed his goal and the Meeseeks could return to their life of non-existence, but it didn't prevent the bloodshed.

13 Worm Jerry - "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez"

Worm Jerry Rick and Morty

No one ever said that marriage was easy, but Beth and Jerry Smith have a harder time of it than most. She’s an alcoholic and he's a waste of space, but it somehow works. The episode “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez” may have focused on Tiny Rick. but the subplot was pure Beth and Jerry misery. 

After Rick sent the warring couple to marriage counseling “off-Earth,” it seemed that even the best can’t fix the Smiths. At an exclusive therapy resort where your spouse takes the form of your interpretation of them, things go wrong very quickly when Beth and Jerry aired their grievances.

Beth appeared as some Xenomorph-style monster, while ironically, Jerry was a phallic worm with no backbone. The whole sequence was cringy, however, Jerry’s slimy creature hit a chord when he realized that this is how Beth viewed him. We later end up with an army of Rambo Jerry, worm Jerry, and narcissistic Jerry, but worm guy is the weirdest moment of the episode.

12 Making A Plumbus - "Interdimensional Cable 2"

Plumbus Rick and Morty

While “What is a Plumbus?” may appear during an outer space quiz night, we simple Earthlings still haven’t got a clue. Apparently, everyone else knows what it does, so there is no need to explain this all purpose home device. First introduced in the episode "Interdimensional Cable 2", the fleshy pink “thing” gets its own instructional video in pure Rick and Morty improv gold.

Made from 100% dinglebop, words like fleeb, grumbo, and hizzards aren’t uncommon in Plumbus creation. Oh, and make sure the Schlami rubs it. Plumbus (or Plumbi) are reportedly worth six-and-a-half Brapples, but again, who knows if that is a good deal?

Despite its uses remaining a mystery, the Plumbus has gone on to be a fan favorite of the show. The official season 2 DVD even included a fictional Plumbus instruction manual in English and an alien language. If you don’t already have yourself a Plumbus, you can grab one in the current VR game Virtual Rick-ality.

11 The Naked Shower - "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!"

Rick and Morty shower

If you are a caring grandparent there are certain duties you are expected to fulfill: tucking your grandkids in at night, feeding them jam sandwiches, and telling them stories of yesteryear. You are definitely not supposed to force your grandson to strip off and take a shower with you in the school locker room. Obviously, being Rick and Morty there was a subplot to this, but it didn’t stop us questioning the start of season 1's “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!"

A typically paranoid Rick asked Morty to join him for a soap-down in the showers after he was convinced they were being watched by the intergalactic scammers known as the Zigerions. Thankfully, Rick had a plan and knew that the Zigerions couldn't stand public nudity - thank God for that!

Though it's nowhere near as uncomfortable as the shower scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street II, and avoiding the horror of Janet Leigh’s Psycho shower, it is still no less pleasant to watch a burping cartoon man say "take a shower with me, Morty" and force his grandson to strip.

10 Scary Terry - "Lawnmower Dog"

Scary Terry in Rick and Morty

No one will ever beat Robert Englund playing the nightmare-stalking Freddy Krueger, but Jess Harnell’s Scary Terry does a damn good job. The episode “Lawnmower Dog” had already got off to a strange premise when the family dog Snuffles got an IQ boost and we went on an Inception-style trip into the mind of Morty’s maths teacher.

As we came across our own A Nightmare on Elm Street parody, we met Scary Terry. As Rick describes Terry, he is a "legally-safe knock-off of an '80s horror character with miniature swords for fingers instead of knives." Sporting an extra pair of testicles hanging from his chin and ending every sentence with the word b*tch, it was soon apparent that Terry's bark was worse than his bite.

Weirder still, we met Terry’s happy family unit and his own razor-clawed baby. Scary Terry also appeared in Morty and Rick in: Mortballs, where it was revealed that the power of horror comes from his fedora and Morty became Scary Morty. Terry is easily one of the best Rick and Morty side characters, but it doesn’t stop him being one of the strangest additions.

9 Roy - "Mortynight Run"

As we enter a new era of gaming and VR makes everything more realistic, there is still nothing that is a patch on Roy: A Life Well Lived from Blips and Chitz. With beer, games, and prizes, you may never want to leave Blips and Chitz, and Roy almost makes that dream a reality.

Unbeknown to Morty, the game sucks you in as players take on the role of Roy. You take Roy from birth to death and change his path based on the life decisions you make. There is no points system and the goal is to simply see how long you can live as Roy. Rick seems to be somewhat of an expert, while Morty only lasted a lackluster 55 years.

There is the sequel, Roy 2: Dave, but it has yet to make a proper appearance on the show. Maybe season 3 will be the time to return to Roy. Safe to say, Roy is a bit of a mind bender and may even have you questioning your own existence - don’t say we didn’t warn you!

8 Battling Diseases - "Anatomy Park"

Anatomy Park Rick and Morty

Another stellar episode was season 1’s "Anatomy Park." This time it was Jurassic Park rife for the spoofing.  The episode started with a boring enough Christmas premise when Rick introduced us to Ruben, the drunken, homeless Santa. Teaming up with Morty, Rick shrank his grandson and sent him inside Ruben to the world’s first anatomical theme park.

We then met Dr. Xenon Bloom, the park's proprietor and doing his best impression of Dr. House/Jon Hammond. All was not well inside the disease-riddled Ruben, and the audience take a trip on a rollercoaster ride of gross-out humor and medical knowledge - you don’t get that with Grey’s Anatomy.

As Morty, Bloom, and Morty's love-interest Annie try to escape the collapsing innards of Ruben, we come across a variety of nasty bugs. Battling the bubonic plague, E. Coli, and even gonorrhea, the final battle involved the survivors attacked by Hepatitis A. Just when it looked like all hope is lost, Morty and Annie were saved by Hepatitis C. You know, just another usual day in the life of Morty Smith.

7 Ants in my Eyes Johnson - "Rixty Minutes"

Ants in my Eyes Johnson Rick and Morty

Continuing the theme of creepy commercials, “Interdimensional Cable 2” was birthed from the idea of “Rixty Minutes.” Audiences were left baffled by a bombardment of macabre adverts and horrifying events. Ignore Baby Legs and forget about Mrs. Sullivan’s Cats, we’ve got ants in our pants/eyes.

Among the strangest ideas of the episodes was Ants in my Eyes Johnson, the madcap salesman who owned Ants in my Eyes Electronics. If you wanted a deal, head on down and grab a bargain. Apparently selling TVs, microwaves, and fridges, Johnson doesn’t actually know what he owns due to the small colony of ants roaming around his retinas. He was easily the worst salesman we've seen since Gil from The Simpsons.

Reportedly, Johnson's affliction came from him not being feel anything due to a neurological disorder. If having eye-sockets full of ants and his store being robbed wasn’t bad enough, the commercial ended with Johnson setting himself on fire. Even for Rick and Morty, this one was pretty out there!

6 Abradolf Lincler's Orgy - "Ricksy Business"

Abradolf Lincler Rick and Morty

Is it in poor taste to combine one of the world’s best-known presidents and one of the most notorious dictators? Apparently nothing can stop Roiland and Harmon - and so was born Abradolf Lincler. Sporting a stovepipe hat and Hitler mustache, Lincler was Rick’s pet-project to create a morally neutral super leader. It didn't work out as planned and Lincler became an emotionally damaged supervillain.

After gatecrashing the party, Lincler joined the search for Collaxion Crystals. When Rick’s group was ambushed by a two-headed wolf, a valiant Lincler sustained mortal wounds and passed away next to Morty. In his final words, Lincler revealed that he only ever wanted acceptance from his creator.

At the end of "Ricksy Business", it was revealed that Lincler survived to swear revenge on Rick. However, in a fate worse than death, he was kidnapped by a group of testicle monsters and passed around as a sex toy in their own twisted orgy. While he was as evil as they come, here’s hoping that Lincler escapes his torture and turns up in season 3.

5 Rick Tries To Kill Himself - "Auto Erotic Assimilation"

Rick suicide Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez is possibly the toughest man in the galaxy. Frequently putting himself before others, willing to wipe out entire species, and barely able to hold his family together. However, beneath the surface, you always felt that there was a softer side to Rick. We ambiguously heard about his wife, but there was someone else who managed to charm the wild inventor.

We got to see "softer Rick" in the episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation.” Here we met Unity, the hive mind who had once held Rick’s heart. After a brief reconciliation (and conquering of a planet), Unity declares that they can no longer be with Rick. After this stark wake-up call, Rick took himself home and attempted to kill himself in the garage.

Morbidly set to the song "Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos, Rick only accidentally avoids committing suicide. If that wasn't bad enough, it gets even darker. According to the DVD commentary, the liquid that Rick drank was supposed to synchronize all of his existences, which means that “our” Rick was intending on wiping out all Ricks from all realities - wowzah!

4 The Strawberry Smiggles Commercial - "Rixty Minutes"

Strawberry Smiggles Rick and Morty

One way to start your day is with a healthy breakfast. However, fans of Rick and Morty would probably advise you against tucking into a bowl of Strawberry Smiggles. As the final entry about intergalactic cable shows, the Strawberry Smiggles commercial is perhaps one of the darkest moments in the show’s entire run!

The cutesy mascot Top Hat Jones sure loves his Smiggles and is keen to keep them all to himself. Top-Hat Jones a non-too-subtle rip-off of Lucky the Leprechaun and the Trix rabbit. During the commercial, Jones devours the entire box of sugary treats, however, what happens next is gruesome, even for the likes of The Walking Dead. A seemingly possessed duo of children attack Top Hat Jones with a butcher’s knife and eat the Smiggles from inside him. The family is seen eating the cereal in several other episodes, but let’s hope they don’t meet a similar fate.

3 The Dome Of Tortured Mortys - "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"

Morty Dome Rick and Morty

We have always known that our Rick has an evil streak in him, but a big enough one to go dimension-hopping to eliminate other Ricks on the way? Sure, Rick makes it pretty obvious he doesn’t like the other Ricks, but murdering 27 of them isn’t his M.O.

Rick struggled to find out how he was being framed for the murders and later discovered the disturbing sight of a nude dome of Mortys, who were painfully stabbed in the sides to emit cries. As the only innocent member of the family caught in the crossfire, no Morty deserves that fate (well, maybe one).

Apparently the brainwaves of Mortys in pain could mask any Rick. Seriously, you could accomplish the same effect with five Mortys and a car battery (apparently).

Morty lead a rebellion against Evil Rick and an army of Rickless Mortys are then left to wander the future with unknown fates. However, the big twist is that Evil Rick was merely controlled by a singular eye-patch-wearing Morty. The biggest danger of Evil Morty, though, is that if one is evil, they all have the potential to be.

2 Rick and Morty Bury Themselves - "Rick Potion #9"

Rick and Morty corpses

There are several standout moments in Rick and Morty, but none are as shocking on an emotional level as having to bury your own body. Season 1's “Rick Potion #9” started off as normal comedy fodder, but then it went and royally messed-up the show moving forward.

After Rick’s potion mutated the entire planet into a surface of praying mantis bugs in love with Morty, even Rick had to declare defeat. Abandoning the “Cronenberg” creatures of dimension C-137, Rick and Morty assumed the identities of their counterparts who had recently died elsewhere. Handing Morty a shovel, the duo were forced to bury themselves in the back garden.

The decision clearly had some series damage - only two episodes later, Morty revealed to Summer than her “real” brother is buried out in the back garden. Later, in the season 3 premiere, Morty dug up the corpses to get an alternate portal gun and return back to C-137. However, nothings beats the end of “Rick Potion #9” and the tragic finale set to Mazzy’s "Look on Down from the Bridge."

1 King Jellybean - "Meeseeks and Destroy"

King Jellybean Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty shocked on a whole other level with King Jellybean. Kudos to Roiland and Harmon for managing to give us the first nightmares caused by a cartoon since Homer Simpson made Bart his clown bed.

For those who don’t remember, King Jellybean attacked an innocent Morty in the bathroom of The Thirsty Step. While a violent incident is implied, Roiland joked that Jellybean just wanted to be “licked” by Morty and is apparently colorless due to his addiction to being licked.

The creators have since gone on to confirm that Jellybean was trying to attack Morty and that he was based on Roiland’s character Crumply Crumplestien - a notorious child killer. The true horror of King Jellybean is that nothing is actually specified. It may be left ambiguous as to what is in the box that King Jellybean kept under his bed, but you can leave that to your own twisted imagination.

No single thing on Rick and Morty is as WTF as the sugar-coated psychopath.


Which do you think is the most WTF moment on Rick and Morty? Sound off in the comments below!

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