Rick & Morty: McDonald's Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce In 2018

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Rick & Morty fans after a taste of the main character's obsession will have another chance, as McDonald's has confirmed it is bringing back its Szechuan Sauce once more. The condiment was part of a gag in the season 3 premiere episode of Rick & Morty and ended up grabbing the attention of fans of the show, bringing the sauce into the public eye to such a degree that even The Simpsons made reference to it. Even though the sauce was originally released as part of a promotion for Mulan in 1998, there were calls for its return.

Given the sauce's newfound popularity, McDonald's announced a limited run of Szechuan Sauce thanks to Rick & Morty. However, things did not go quite to plan. The company severely underestimated the demand for the sauce, resulting in those McDonald's restaurants that received supply running out in an incredibly short amount of time, and this in turn led to a huge backlash from Rick & Morty fans.

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However, McDonald's is having another crack at bringing Szechuan Sauce back. The company has confirmed that the condiment will be making a return, and this time in a much more comprehensive fashion than the previous promotion. The news was announced by McDonald's as part of a somewhat bizarre campaign for a dipping cause, with the chain launching a website called We Want The Sauce to not only confirm the re-release of the sauce but also launch a podcast all about the condiment, dubbed The Sauce.

In terms of availability, the sauce is going to be available at McDonald's restaurants starting on Monday, February 26. What's more, the company is going to be releasing 20 million Szechuan Sauce packs in order to stop shortages, although when that supply runs out that is apparently going to be it. It's a big step up from the handful of packets of sauce that were shipped to specific locations last time around.

The Szechuan Sauce craze was one of the more bizarre talking points of 2017, with the sudden resurrection of the condiment taking such a dark turn when supplies ran out that police even had to be called in certain circumstances. Hopefully, the larger quantities for this second run of re-release will be enough to keep Rick & Morty fans happy for some time.

After all, it would be best to savor anything Rick & Morty-related that comes in 2018. The show itself is not returning this year, with Rick & Morty season 4 unlikely to arrive before late 2019. As such, those dipping sauce packs might be one of the closest things fans get to Rick & Morty content until then.

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Source: Polygon

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