How All Those Rick and Morty Jokes Ended Up On Jeopardy!

Rick and Morty - Rest and Ricklaxation

One die-hard fan has brought Rick and Morty to Jeopardy in an epic showcase of fandom. Like many shows, the series has a staunch fan base that spans far and wide - and that fandom can extend to other businesses. For instance, last October, McDonald's temporarily brought back their Szechaun sauce, but a shortage eventually led to protests. But it's not always like that.

After months of waiting, Rick and Morty was finally renewed for season 4, thus alleviating fan concerns. While contract negotiations between the show's creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, and Adult Swim dragged on, fans never lost hope for the show's future. Following the announcement of a renewal with an unprecedented 70-episode order, fans have rejoiced at the impending return of the Sanchez family. While no immediate release date has been given, the franchise's return is being celebrated in a variety ways.

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Most recently, as reported by VICE, Jeopardy staff writer Mark Gaberman has proven himself to be one shwifty fan by creating a Rick and Morty category for Double Jeopardy in a recent episode of the long running series. "He wanted to do a tribute to it, and was able to come up with enough catchphrases from the show that made sense as categories on their own," head writer Billy Wisse told VICE.  "I hope you three are fans of that show, because there's is a theme building here,"Alex Trebeck quipped, warning the contestants shortly after he began reading off the categories, which included: "Show Me What You Got", "Keep Summer Safe", "My 'Man!'" and "& That's The Way The News Goes".

Trebecks's reading of the popular catchphrases are seemingly the best part of the entire segment. While the questions within each category did disappoint fans as they were not always in relation to the show, Gaberman's tribute did not go unnoticed as the Rick and Morty Twitter page retweeted a photo of the game board, acknowledging this epic showcase. Interestingly, though, this is not the first time Rick and Morty has appeared on Jeopardy. It last appeared as part of the trivia in two previous instances, but this is the first time the show has been featured as a showcase category.

At the moment, only three other shows have had the privilege of being showcased as a category: The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, and Gilligan's Island - which remains the only one to have been showcased twice. With its numerous episodes per year and only a writing team of 8 individuals, there is room for personal preference to seep into the writers room, keeping Jeopardy fresh and modern. And with 34 seasons behind it, Jeopardy looks to remain a relevant trivia series for years to come. There have been less than amusing showcases in the past, but this latest tribute shows that not all fans are as unruly as they seem. While fans anxiously wait for Rick and Morty to return, and future successes inevitably to follow, this will certainly not be the last display by devoted fans of the series.

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Source: VICE

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