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Fans are patiently waiting for the upcoming debut of the fourth season of Rick & Morty, which received a huge 72 episode order following the third season finale. New images were recently released that teased the upcoming season which has only reignited the excitement for the return of animation's favorite adventuring duo in November.

The 72-episode order is a testament to the rabid fanbase Rick & Morty has garnered since it first aired in 2013, and over 3 seasons we have watched the series move from animation to mobile games, toys, board games, comics, and everything a die-hard fan needs to celebrate Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's hilarious sci-fi series. Today we are going to take a look at some of the squanchiest gifts out there for you to squanch your squanch with. Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!



Sure, any die-hard fan is likely to have a few seasons kicking around in their collection, but what better way to get ready for the upcoming fourth season than a complete rewatch in high definition uncensored glory?

The 3-season collection comes with digital copies, deleted scenes, behind the scenes features, and even commentary and animatics for every episode. Plus, the collection comes with the original Rick & Morty Channel 1 short as well as a look at the recording process, to see just how co-creator Justin Roiland brings Rick and Morty to life.



There is no shortage of interesting Rick & Morty t-shirts on the market these days, so it's always nice to find one that ties into a fantastic episode while standing out from the crowd of trippy fanart and "Tiny Rick"/"Pickle Rick" shirts.

Ripple Junction's officially licensed Rick & Morty t-shirt features Rick plummeting through timeless oblivion full of what both are and aren't Schrödinger's cats, from the season two opener "A Rickle in Time." The shirt not only showcases the inventive sci-fi themes of Rick & Morty but also highlights one of Rick's most selfless acts.



From the very first moments of the series, it's made very clear that Rick Sanchez is struggling with alcoholism, at the very least. This might be part of the reason he so casually brings a child into dangerous situations, and it's an odd character trait to celebrate, but we're going to do just that.

Now fans can be just like Rick and carry their own flask full of mega seed extract. The "Numb the Pain Rick Sanchez Hip Flask" is emblazoned with the show's titular characters along with Rick's catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub," and a return sticker for "Rick Sanchez, Dimension C-137" on the back.



The adventures of Rick & Morty wouldn't quite be complete without Rick Sanchez's trusty Portal Gun, which was first introduced in the pilot episode. Rick's Portal Gun allows the user to travel between dimensions and is featured in almost every episode of the series.

Fans can own their own life-size version of Rick's greatest invention, available from Funko Pop! The replica Portal Gun not only perfectly translates the animated tool to real-life, but it also lights up and projects a portal when activated. The Limited Edition of the Portal Gun will go fast, but either version will make a perfect addition to any collection.



Nothing says fandom like wearing the terrifying heads of your favorite characters on your feet. Thankfully Rick & Morty have seen the hole in our hearts and rushed to fill it with these officially licensed slippers, which feature the disembodied heads of Rick on one foot and Morty on the other.

The slippers are 3D, which really makes the fear on Morty's plush little face and the drunken insanity on Rick's really pop out. Gone are the days of cute and comfy slippers, long live the era of incredibly unsettling floating heads to keep your feet warm! These slippers were definitely conceived in an alternate dimension's commercial, which makes us want them even more.



"If it exists, there will be a Monopoly version of it." It may not be an internet rule yet, but it should be. The classic Parker Brothers board game gets the Rick & Morty twist, which definitely produced one of the most unique versions of this game fans have ever seen.

Not only do they get to play as unique themed pieces like Rick's ship, Snuffles' Helmet, or a Plumbus, but the properties have been replaced with locations like Gazorpazorp, Planet Squanch, and more! Plus, players can build Flooble Cranks and Gooble Boxes while their family game night falls apart in true Monopoly fashion.



As Rick & Morty has climbed in popularity over the last three seasons, they have made a number of appearances in other mediums like mobile games and comic books, and even featured on the pinnacle of animated series, The Simpsons.

Rick and Morty also starred in Run the Jewels video for "Oh Mama" as suit-wearing badasses taking out alien hostiles with extreme prejudice. This accordion auto shade from Just Funky captures the iconic duo from the video and is the perfect gift for any Rick & Morty fan looking for something a little outside of the box to add to their life.



We may have thrown a bit of shade on the "Tiny Rick" t-shirts earlier, but the episode "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez" not only introduced the diminutive and aptly named Tiny Rick but also featured one of Morty's best rants, of which there are many.

Morty's "Get your s#*t together" speech to Summer may have been misinformed, but it remains a frequently quoted rant that works for so many situations. Calhoun took the quotable rant and produced a wall banner that features both Morty and Summer from the episode along with the text, which practically begs to be hung up in a dorm room.



The first season finale featured a showdown between Rick and the literal Devil, played by Alfred Molina, following the opening of his Needful Things-inspired store. After the Devil screws Summer out of a business deal, Rick and Summer train hard so they can beat the Devil down on stage, which is later revisited hilariously in the post-credit scene.

The duffle bag features buff Rick in a logo for the fictitious Rick's Gym, along with the catchphrase "Rick's gon give it to ya," which references the DMX song that will instantly play in anyone's head when they see the image of buff Rick. The "Rick's Gym Duffle Bag" is the perfect gift for any Rick & Morty fan, regardless of their level of physical activity.



Of course, it may just be easier to get a number of gifts together and pack them all in one box to really surprise the Rick & Morty fan in your life with a great selection of gifts. Thankfully, CultureFly has put together a Rick & Morty Collector's Box that comes jampacked with great themed gifts in a decorative box.

The Collector's Box includes a Rick vinyl figure, a Mr. Meseeks puzzle, Rick & Morty socks, and other fun surprises. Give the gift of unboxing along with all of these other great Rick & Morty toys and items included in the Collector's Box. Get schwifty!

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