Rick & Morty Crosses Over With Dungeons & Dragons In New Comic Series

Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons comics

Prepare for pop culture to collide in a big way as Rick and Morty gets its own crossover comic with Dungeons & Dragons.

Since 2013, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's show about the madcap adventures of a sadistic scientist and his nervous grandson has been going from strength to strength. Elsewhere, Dungeons & Dragons is one of the best-loved fantasy games of all times and popped up in everything from E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial to Stranger Things. Now, it is time to roll the dice and see what happens when D&D becomes all rage at Morty's school and Grandpa Rick decides to give a lesson of his own about the game.

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Appearing at C2E2, Oni Press and IDW Publishing announced that they will join forces to bring the next exciting Rick and Morty comic book to shelves. Taking the Smith family into the perilous world of the RPG and on a wholly new adventure not yet seen on screens, the crossover event includes some impressive talent. Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss and Dungeons & Dragons comic book alumni Jim Zub will provide the words, while Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' Troy Little will handle the artwork.

Zub is well-known thanks to his work on the Baldur’s Gate series of D&D comicshis time on Marvel's Thunderbolts, and his creator-owned Skullkickers with Image Comics. Rothfuss is also particularly suited to the idea thanks to penning The Kingkiller Chronicle. Speaking in an IDW press release (via IGN), Rothfuss revealed that he is excited to be working on something new after being a long-term fan of both titles:

“I love Rick and Morty with a powerful love, and I’ve played D&D since the 5th grade. So when they approached me about writing a story with both of them together? That’s some serious you-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut butter $#!& right there. I’m in. I’m all the way in. I’m gettin’ that chocolate all up in the peanut butter. Like, deep in. All the way in. It’s going to be sticky and delicious.”

Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons

Heading to shelves in August 2018, the miniseries promises to have all the high-adrenaline stakes that Rick and Morty is known for, mixed with adult humor and the long-running adventurous spirit of D&D. Also, remembering that Harmon's other comedy creation Community had its own Dungeons & Dragons episodes, the man behind Rick and Morty isn't exactly treading into unknown territory. Each issue will reportedly include variant covers, cover sheets, and a few more surprises.

For those who have been following Rick and Morty for a while, they will know that this isn't the duo's first trip into the world of comics. Starting in 2015, Oni Press has showcased its own Rick and Morty adventures (largely separate from the TV show), which has included everyone from Scary Terry to Mr. Poopybutthole. With audiences still patiently waiting for any news on season 4 of Rick and Morty or if Adult Swim's popular show is even coming back, the Dungeons & Dragons comic will at least help relieve some of that agonizing wait until the sci-fi favorite can get schwifty again.

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Source: IGN

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