New Rick & Morty Skit Debuts During Deadmau5 New Year's Show

A foul-mouthed all-new Rick and Morty skit was debuted on-stage by the DJ Deadmau5 while he rang in the new year. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty follows the inter-dimensional adventures of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty. Formerly a cult hit, Rick and Morty was catapulted to new notoriety thanks to last summer's bizarre and sad Szechuan sauce saga. Now everyone seems to care about Rick and Morty, though some "fans" don't seem to get the joke.

Rick and Morty season 3 earned the already acclaimed Adult Swim animated sci-fi comedy even more critical raves. Among other developments, season 3 saw the introduction of Pickle Rick, whose crazed adventures led to the show's most violent episode ever. Season 3 also introduced fans to the Vindicators, a thoroughly dysfunctional and ultimately useless superhero team. Amid the sci-fi hijinks, Rick and Morty took the time as always to explore some very dark places within its characters' twisted psyches. With season 3 in the books, fans now eagerly await season 4. Unfortunately it looks like they're going to have to wait a very long time.

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Thanks to famed DJ Deadmau5, fans got a little taste of new Rick and Morty to tide them over until season 4. During his New Year's Eve performance in San Bernardino, California, huge fan of the show Deadmau5 brought out Rick and Morty via the wonders of VR technology. Yes, it was Justin Roiland himself voicing the characters. YouTube user 'Sir Melvar10 of the fifth court' captured the historic event on his phone. For more, see the video above (skip ahead to 2:06 if you can't stand EDM and just want to sort of see Rick and Morty).

In the video, Deadmau5's giant cube-shaped stage all of a sudden seems to glitch. A timer then appears showing 1:34 to midnight. Rick and Morty appear inside the cube, and are dismayed to realize they're not at Disneyland. Rick surmises that they've landed on "a planet inhabited by sh-theads who are worshiping a giant mouse." As we've always known, Rick's true destiny is to become the new Don Rickles.

Rick soon realizes that Deadmau5 is not in fact a giant mouse but is just "some other sh-thead wearing a mouse helmet.” Rick then notices the countdown timer above him and naturally assumes the whole thing is a bomb. Feverishly, Rick works to defuse the non-bomb. But when the countdown hits zero, nothing explodes, and Rick figures out it's now New Year's. The calendar's turning fails to impress Rick who exclaims "Let’s get the f--k out of here Morty, this sucks.

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Of course Rick can't leave without dropping a bit of classic Rick wisdom: "Don't do too much drugs. You can always take more, you can never take less." More Rick and Morty is all the world wants, but who knows if or when it will happen.

Source: Sir Melvar10 of the fifth court (via Uproxx)

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