Rick's Cronenberg Monsters Are The Worst Thing To Happen To Morty

Morty Smith has experienced some terrible things in Rick and Morty, but everything that happened with the Cronenberg monsters makes up his worst day. While Rick has wiped Morty's mind of some traumatic experiences, there are still adventures that he lived through and must remember. Morty has suffered major injuries and killed aliens who looked like his family. These moments and many more are featured in the latest Screen Rant video detailing Morty's troubled life. But none compare to how messed up Morty's life became as a result of a simple love potion.

In the middle of season 1, Rick and Morty delivered one of its darkest episodes that changed the future of the series. Episode 6, "Rick Potion #9", saw Morty ask Rick to create a potion that would make his crush, Jessica, find him attractive. Rick's potion does its job, but there are unintended consequences as it is flu season and the virus becomes airborne and spreads. Suddenly, anyone who isn't a family member of Morty wants him as their own, so Rick develops an antidote to stop the madness. However, what happens instead results in the worst moments of Morty's life.

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While the antidote does appear to cure those who were infected by the virus, it has unforeseen side effects. All of humanity suddenly begins to mutate to have mantis-like appendages who want to mate with Morty and then kill him. Rick then tries to concoct another antidote, but that one further transforms humans into Cronenberg monsters. Morty's conscious is suddenly filled with the thought of what just happened to the human race because of a simple crush, but that's not all.

In order to keep Morty safe from the deadly creatures, Rick decides that they must leave their dimension behind and find a new one to be their home. Morty is forced to leave his family behind without saying goodbye. Unfortunately, the trauma of this event really kicks in when they get to their new reality. Rick and Morty can only exist in a reality where another Rick and Morty do not exist, which means they go to a reality where Rick and Morty just blew themselves up after stopping the love potion from spreading.

Rick and Morty from dimension C-137 arrive at the bloody garage, and Morty is then told he must bury the body of the Morty he is taking over for. Now, Morty is forced to live in a dimension without his real family - who are now fighting to survive among the Cronenberg creatures - and with the knowledge that this dimension's actual Morty is buried in the backyard. So, Morty saw all of humanity mutate into disgusting creatures, was uprooted from his family, and buried an alternate version of himself all over the course of a few hours. If Rick and Morty ever does something worse to Morty, we can only hope that Rick makes them another Morty's Mind Blower so that he doesn't have to remember it.

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