How To Buy A Rick & Morty Chia Pet

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If your love for the show keeps growing, here's how you can buy a Rick And Morty Chia Pet. Rick And Morty has evolved over the course of three seasons from a cult Adult Swim comedy to a worldwide phenomenon. The basic setup of the show is that a genius scientist name Rick moves back in with his estranged family, and drags his naive grandson Morty on adventures that span time and space. Unfortunately for Morty, Rick is also a drunken nihilist and their adventures often end in horrifying violence and existential despair.

Rick And Morty was co-created by Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland, and in addition to being frequently hilarious, it also features great characters and unique sci-fi ideas. The show takes the basic setup of something like Back To The Future and twists it into something much darker, whilst also exploring the toll these adventures have on the main characters. Season 3 took the time to explore the effect Jerry and Beth's divorce had on the family, which Rick essentially orchestrated for his own ends. The season ends with the couple back together, though it typical Rick And Morty fashion, it's not necessarily clear if that was the real Beth.

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The cult of the show continues to expand every year, which naturally results in some strange merch. This includes McDonald's bringing back Szechuan Sauce - a short-lived promotional sauce from Disney's Mulan in 1998 - after it was featured in Rick And Morty's season 3 premiere, or the Rickmobile merchandise truck that randomly appears in cities from time to time. With that in mind, a Rick And Morty Chia Pet feels relatively tame.

rick and morty chia pet box

The Rick Chia Pet can be found at and makes good use of his naturally crazy hairstyle. The Chia pet achieves full growth within a couple of weeks, gifting Rick with a luscious green hairstyle. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Bob Ross and Stranger Things have also received Chia Pets over the years, which certainly makes sense when it comes to Groot. Sadly the Rick And Morty Chia Pet doesn't drool or randomly swear, but it does make for a fun decoration.

Rick And Morty season 4 is due to arrive in November 2019, though there's little known about what may occur in the new series. Fans suspect the show might finally reveal more about Evil Morty - with theories suggesting he may be Rick's original Morty - but given how much the show likes to play with expectations, this isn't a given either.

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