Rick and Morty Cameo In My Little Pony

Rick and Morty My Little Pony

Rick and Morty have made an appearance on My Little Pony. Thankfully - to the relief of concerned parents and media watchdogs everywhere - the cameo was a non-speaking, blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo.

Rick and Morty was originally created by animator and voice actor Justin Roiland as an incredibly inappropriate parody of Back to the Future in order to test how quickly one could generate a cease-and-desist order on YouTube. The short film was later screened at Dan Harmon's Channel 101 film festival and the two adapted the short into a series for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block in 2013. Since that time, Rick and Morty has grown to become one of Adult Swim's biggest hits, inspiring a rabid fan base and the reintroduction of a Chicken McNugget sauce flavor at McDonalds.

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News of the cameo was first reported by eagle-eyed fans on the Rick and Morty Reddit page. A posted screenshot reveals two ponies - one with the spiked blue hair and grey skin tone of Rick, clad in a lab coat, and the other a nervous-looking brown-haired pony whose yellow skin matches the color of Morty's trademark t-shirt. It is also worth noting that the Rick pony's Cutie Mark (a symbol that grows onto a pony's flank when they discover a unique characteristic that sets them apart from other ponies, in the mythology of My Little Pony) is a chemistry flask full of green liquid, indicating his talent for science.

Opinion amongst the Rick and Morty fanbase seems decisively mixed towards this cameo. Some took offense to the idea of a children's cartoon aimed at young children depicting Rick and Morty in pony form as a joke. Some took offense to the offense, and mocked the offended for complaining about how the wrong people apparently liked the same thing as them and decided to pay tribute to it in their work. The fact that the animation field is a surprisingly tight-knit community and that quick jokes like this are snuck into animated cartoons all the time seems to have passed by many people.

It seems unlikely that the My Little Pony cameo will have any effect on the fourth season of Rick and Morty, This is assuming, of course, that the popular series is renewed for a fourth season. Cartoon Network has yet to say anything one way or the other, leaving some fans wondering if the show should make the jump to another network.

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Source: Rick and Morty Reddit

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