Rick & Morty Fan Creates Anime-Style Opening Credits Sequence

Rick and Morty Anime Intro Parody by Malec

A fan-made parody imagines what it might look like if Rick and Morty were an anime with a traditional music-video style opening credits sequence. While the Adult Swim series is decidedly American, it isn't hard to imagine how the story of a dimension-hopping mad scientist and his timorous grandson could lend itself well to an anime adaptation for Japanese audiences.

Rick and Morty was recently renewed for a fourth season, with Adult Swim ordering a stunning 70 new episodes of the popular comedy series. That is more than double the number of episodes that currently exist, with the previous three seasons having seen 10 episodes each, in addition to the series' original pilot. This indicates a high level of confidence in the show and a determined commitment to showrunners Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, despite Rick and Morty and its creators having been the subject of a good deal of controversy. Still, the show's soundtrack has been released in anticipation of the fourth season's release, though no official date has been set yet for the show's return.

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The animator Malec posted the parody video, which can be viewed below, on their YouTube Channel. This parody is the second of its kind for Malec, who also produced a stylized anime introduction for Game of Thrones.

The anime introduction recaps a number of classic scenes from various Rick and Morty episodes and also introduces the supporting characters of Jerry, Beth and Summer, who - in a bit of fan service - is depicted in her skimpy lingerie costume from one of the dream sequences in the episode "Lawnmower Dog." Naturally, this "best of" montage includes Pickle Rick (perhaps the most popular creation from the series' third season) fighting rats in a sewer as well as Rick's fist-fight with the president from "The Rickchurian Mortydate." There are also several scenes that didn't happen in the show, such as Morty and Rick firing laser guns together while fighting the Council of Ricks.

It's worth noting that Morty seems to be a far braver character in this introduction than he is usually portrayed as being on the show. By the end of the credits, Morty appears to be quite resolute and shows no sense of hesitation at all as he takes Rick's hand and leads the charge into a portal, eagerly jumping into the unknown. Then again, it's not quite as dynamic as losing control of your bladder and peeing your pants - a much more likely scenario for Morty when facing any kind of danger. Of course this could be a braver version of Morty from one of the countless dimensions that make up the multiverse of Rick and Morty, but it seems unlikely that Harmon and Roiland will accept this video tribute as part of their canon.

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Source: Malec

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