Adult Swim Posts Strange Rick & Morty Spoof For April Fools

Rick and Morty in Morty's Mind Blowers

Adult Swim got schwifty for April Fool's Day as Rick and Morty returned to the channel in a very unexpected way.

Becoming something of an annual tradition, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland seem set on surprising fans of the sci-fi cartoon on the most unlikely day of the year. While everyone else is reading stories about Ken Jeong in Indiana Jones 5, Rick and Morty is actually giving its fans real news. Heading Down Under, madcap scientist Rick and his awkward grandson had a brand new adventure.

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Titled "Bushworld Adventures" and written and directed by TripTank’s Michael Cusack, the story actually doesn't feature Rick and Morty at all. The short focuses on the crudely-drawn Reek and Mordi and their comedy antics:

While it wasn't as impressive or important as last year's "The Rickshank Redemption," the April 1 episode did give audiences an unusual storyline with never-before-seen footage and all the crude humor anyone would expect from an Adult Swim show.

A mildly offensive look at Australia in general, the backwards premise of "Bushworld Adventures" also features a violent outback version of Beth and a stereotypically pathetic portrayal of Jerry. The relationship of Rick and Morty plays out mostly like it would in a standard episode, but if anything, "Bushworld" is an even more abusive affair. Heading to Bendigo to get Rick's "green cube," the grandpa genius is seen using his infamous portal gun as a real weapon to take Morty hostage.

With more swearing than your average trip to Rick and Morty, Cusack somehow manages to make it even more of a cartoon that's just for adults. Everything looks a lot different, the use of the iconic Rick and Morty theme tune and well-timed jokes reminds everyone that this is more than just the fan project of some college kids. There is also a subtle nod back to the pilot of Rick and Morty, leaving us to question how/if "Bushworld Adventures" is supposed to slot into Rick and Morty's already convoluted universe.

The main show of Rick and Morty is currently on hiatus, with the creators taking to social media to try and explain the extended break. Season 4 is still yet to be officially commissioned, leaving fans desperate for even a sniff of more Rick and Morty. Already known for its interdimensional cable and many alternate realities of Ricks and Mortys, perhaps Reek and Mordi could pop up again in a future episode? If not, "Bushworld Adventures" shows what could be done with a possible spinoff series if Harmon and Roiland are really done with Rick and Morty.

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