What Rick and Morty's Rick Would Look Like as Venom

Rick and Morty Venom Mash-up

Rick is Venom, courtesy of a new work of fan art mashing together the worlds of Rick and Morty with Marvel. Created by writer David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane, Venom debuted in Marvel comics back in 1988. After briefly bonding with Spider-Man, the alien creature would ultimately go on to be hosted by Eddie Brock. Despite initially emerging as a brutal nemesis for the wall-crawler, the character ultimately struck a truce with Peter Parker and became more of an antihero - the version of the character adapted for the big screen in 2018's Venom.

Although it boasted a strong cast, including Tom Hardy in the lead role, the film scored mixed reactions from critics. Regardless, the film went on to achieve huge success at the box office. It eventually grossed over $800 million, even outperforming such acclaimed and popular comic book adaptations as Wonder Woman. As a result, development was fast-tracked on Morbius - another solo adventure based on a Spider-Man villain - and Venom 2 was greenlit. Andy Serkis was recently confirmed as Venom 2's director, with Hardy himself having helped with the script.

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Thanks to a digital artist Mjhiblenart, we have a far different take on the character. Instead of Eddie Brock, the still cartoon image depicts the host of the Venom symbiote being none other than Rick and Morty's Rick Sanchez. Given Rick's penchant for mayhem and world-ending destruction, one can only imagine what Rick would do with such power. Fans no longer have to imagine how it would look, however.

The artist also previously envisioned John Wick as a Rick and Morty character, both of which we want to see as episodes in the series! Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, three critically-acclaimed seasons of Rick and Morty have aired so far. A fourth is expected to air later this year, with an SDCC first-look promo already teasing the kind of twisted adventures the characters will have next. The new season will be comprised on 10 episodes, with the fifth season reportedly already being written. With such guest-voices as Taika Waititi and Sam Neill confirmed, it's expected that the show will not only continue its tradition of subversive sci-fi but also its frequent pop culture parodies.

Given both aspects of the show, Rick coming across and bonding with an alien parasite seems like something well within the show's wheelhouse. The comedic and story potential would no doubt by endless in Harmon and Roiland's hands. For example, if Rick is Venom, would that mean Beth would be Carnage? After all, she is his offspring and Beth is arguably the most messed up character on the show. Whether or not such an adventure will ever unfold on the show remains to be seen. Either way, fans will still have such classic transformations as Pickle Rick to enjoy. And now, also, the picture above...even if Rick's version of Venom clearly skipped leg day.

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Rick and Morty season 4 will premiere in November on Adult Swim.

Source: Mjhiblenart/Instagram

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