Rick and Morty Launches Season 3 Viral Site

While it's no substitution for season 3, series co-creator Dan Harmon shares a link to a new (and weird) Rick and Morty viral site.

Rick & Morty Season 3 Coming in 2016; Will Have More Episodes

Rick and Morty season 3 won't be coming any time soon, and creator Dan Harmon says it's all his fault. Hopefully Harmon and his fellow writers work out the kinks and get on with the process of crafting more inter-dimensional adventures for their hilarious animated Doc Brown-Marty McFly analogues.

Perhaps Harmon was feeling remorseful over his apparent leading role in holding up season 3, and felt compelled to throw his fans a bone. It might not be as awesome as actual new episodes of Rick and Morty, but the link Harmon shared should at least give fans a little chuckle as they wait (there's also that Star Wars-related teaser).

Recently, Dan Harmon tweeted out a link for a new Rick and Morty viral website that is filled with the sort of bizarre humor that characterizes the Adult Swim show. The site claims to be affiliated with the Galactic Federation, and invites fans to click on a button and claim their rewards card. What do you get when you claim your rewards card? Check out Harmon's tweet below to find out:


— Dan Harmon (@danharmon) January 30, 2017

Digging deeper into the site brings you to a board with post titles like "Dear Humans Your 'Pizza' is Appropriating Our Culture" and "Lifehack: How to Catch All of Earth's Hottest Diseases." Clicking on "classified intel" brings you to a page of surveillance videos showing Rick and Morty characters in sad and/or pitiful situations. Apparently, no private moment is safe from the prying eye of the Galactic Federation. Click around and look for more goodies. "12 Insanely Cute Cats" is particularly Klaargworthy.

Stumbling on the site as a newbie must be a rather strange and disconcerting experience one would imagine. The humor on Rick and Morty is of a decidedly twisted nature and certainly isn't for everyone. However, if you're a fan of the show, clicking around the site should help pass a few minutes of your time.

As far as we can tell, no amount of clicking on the site reveals a release date for Rick and Morty season 3, though it's possible that piece of information could be hidden somewhere (so keep looking). Eventually, a third season of Rick and Morty will be coming to Adult Swim to alternately amuse, disgust, and confuse us. And fill us with questions about the very meaning of our pitiful earthly existence.

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Screen Rant will have more details for you on Rick and Morty season 3 as they are made available.

Source: Dan Harmon

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