Rick & Morty Funko Pops Might Be The Best Yet

Funko reveals a bevy of new products based on the popular cartoon series Rick & Morty, including Pop! Vinyls and keychains.

Weaponized Rick Funko

Funko seems to be snapping up licenses as fast as IPs can be released these days and they have already sunk their teeth into Dan Harmon's wildly popular Adult Swim series Rick & Morty. They have even gone so far as to include a Toys R Us exclusive among their Rick & Morty Pop Vinyl figures, in spite of the fact that the property could not be any less child-friendly if it tried.

Today it was announced that Cartoon Network has broadened the licensing of Rick & Morty in their arrangement with Funko, then going on to announce a variety of collectibles that fans of Harmon's brainchild can look forward to picking up over the next year. Although no convention-exclusive content was included as a part of this announcement, it is safe for collectors to keep their eyes on the horizon for such an announcement coming down the line.

An announcement on Funko's official website detailed the product lines that Rick & Morty will be expanding into include Galactic Plushies, Mystery Minis and Pocket Pop! keychains, in addition to expanding the number of Pop Vinyls by adding nine new figures. These will be Weaponized Rick, Weaponized Rick Variant, Weaponized Morty, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Mr. Poopy Butthole Variant, Mr. Meeseeks, Mr. Meeseeks Variant, Mr. Meeseeks Second Variant, Birdperson, Squanchy, and Snowball. Funko will also be releasing the very first posable Rick & Morty action figures with five designs planned for launch along with a build-a-figure of Snowball. See images of the merchandise in the gallery below. There are also plans in the work for:

"A range of additional products from roleplay toys to novelty housewares and home décor, as well as apparel and accessories, are also included in the new partnership and will start rolling out later this year."

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Rick & Morty is currently in production for its third season, produced by Dan Harmon (Community), and Justin Roiland (Adventure Time). One could assume that many of the collectibles slated for release "later this year" may be rolled out close to the show's third season debut. This expansion of Cartoon Network's working relationship with Funko makes the company the production's master toy partner.

The expansion of the Rick & Morty product line at Funko feels like a logical expansion, given the wildfire popularity the show has enjoyed since its inception. It does raise the question of whether or not other popular adult-aimed cartoons will receive similar expansions - The Simpsons and Futurama spring to mind. It also makes one wonder if the show will be expanding beyond just the small screen as well with perhaps a full-length feature film planned for the future in the same style as the other two aforementioned animated series.

On the other hand, it does feel like Funko is rolling out a lot of similar product all at once. The announcement comes out of the road to Toy Fair, but it may have been a more sage move on behalf of all parties involve to sprinkle the release date of each individual line out across the expanse of 2017, rather than releasing almost everything in April, a single line in May and leaving the rest of the more domestic products to the nebulous latter half of the year.

All of the Rick & Morty Funko figures mentioned above will be available in April, except the articulated figures which are available in May.

Source: Funko

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