The 10 Most Evil Beings in Rick and Morty Canon

Rick and Morty isn't exactly a show for heroes. Most of the characters are selfish, whiney, or just all around mean. However, some of those characters stand apart from the rest as especially bad. We did a quick run-through of who we thought those characters were and decided to rank them for your viewing pleasure.

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And believe us, there were a lot of characters to pick from. So pull out your portal guns and misanthropic views of the world, science fans, here come the 10 most evil beings in the Rick and Morty canon.

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10 Krombopulos Michael

We'll start with someone who is definitely evil, but also just... really likable. Don't get us wrong, Krombopulos Michael is a vicious and ruthless killer. He makes it very clear that he has no problem with taking innocent lives from the very first moment we meet him. He's even part of a society that's all about conquering other planets through violent means. But dang it, he's just so nice!

It's hard not to feel a certain love for the adorably violent alien murderer, even if he is, well, a violent alien murderer. Don't lie and say Michael's "Here I go, killing again" wasn't pretty dang endearing. Admit it, you probably smiled!

Which probably means there's something wrong with you. And us, if we're being honest.

9 Scary Terry

Some people are evil because they like it. And then there are others who are reluctant villains. Finally, there are those few who do evil because, frankly, it's a living. That's the case of Scary Terry, the Freddy Krueger-esque dream murderer from Season One.

Scary Terry is a nightmare creature capable of torturing people with their own fears, but at the end of the day, he's just a guy who's got to feed his family. And that makes us kind of feel bad for him. Bloody killers with knives for hands are scary, yes. But do you know what's really scary? Adulthood.

8 The Devil

We were considering not even putting the Devil, AKA Lucius Needful, on this list. Yes, he does some underhanded things, but for most of the episode, he's really just a businessman. It's not a great way to spend your time, but is it actually evil? Not quite. However, the Devil goes on this list because of what he does at the end of his episode.

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After Summer literally saves him from suicide, then helps him build up his business selling cursed artifacts, the Devil screws her out of her share in his company. And that's just terrible. Sure, we can assume Mr. Needful has a whole collection of souls he's screwed out of their eternal freedom. But taking someone's stocks in a start-up? That's too far, the Devil.

7 Snowball

Let's be honest. We can kind of sympathize with the plight of Snowball, AKA Snuffles, the Smith family dog. He's become super-intelligent against his will and now must deal not just with the human subjugation of dogs, but with the crushing despair that comes with self-awareness. He does bad things, yes, but we kind of feel for him.

Like Thanos, or the shark from Jaws (he's hungry, dammit!). Still, Snowball's actions are pretty grim. His willingness to take innocent lives to acquire his autonomy does hint at certain unnecessary sadism. That's why we put him on this list, but a little bit farther down. The guy's been neutered, after all. He deserves some sympathy.

6 Monster Beth

Here's a being whose evil is actually the direct result of someone else. Or rather, someone else's opinion. During a couples therapy session on an alien world, Jerry and Beth create biological representations of what they think of each other. Beth's idea of Jerry is a slug-like wimp. Jerry's idea of Beth, well, let's just say it's not pretty. This monster Beth is as dangerous as it is grotesque, but that's not just because of its mutant physical form.

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Monster Beth is also brilliant, coming up with a plan to escape the lab that built her. To our knowledge, no other monster has ever done that. And though it's pretty horrible Jerry would think this way about his wife, we do suppose she can take solace in this fact. He may think of her as a bloodthirsty gore-thing, but at least he thinks she's a smart one.

5 Rick Sanchez

It was difficult to place Rick Sanchez on this list. After all, he is an extraordinarily sympathetic character. His brilliance is also his curse, and the people around him suffer for it. However, let us be clear: Rick Sanchez is evil. He has done some truly awful things, from selling weapons to intergalactic terrorists to actually acting as one.

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In one mysterious conversation, Rick actually alludes to causing death on a "planetary scale." It's for these reasons that we put him right in the middle of this list. He may be evil, yes, but it's a familiar evil. It's an evil that means, despite all his brokenness, he is human. Tragically, unchangeably, hopelessly human. (Watch Rick and Morty for the comedy!)

4 Supernova

Sometimes our worst villains were once our best heroes. This is the tragedy of Supernova, one of the Vindicators that appears in Season Three. At the beginning of her episode, we have no reason to believe Supernova is anything but what she appears to be; a superhero. She is a leader, a friend, and a powerful advocate for justice.

However, as the episode progresses, her morality bends, weakens, and finally breaks. After several trials brought on by Rick, she's ready not just to kill her former lover and teammate, she's ready to kill Morty, an innocent bystander to the whole affair. That's a pretty far drop on the morality scale, one we think earns her this spot on the list.

3 The Eyehole Man

What the hell is this thing? Is he an alien? Is he a superhero? What is his deal with eyeholes? Whatever the truth is behind this character's origin, we think he's one of the worst creatures in the Rick and Morty universe. Think about out, he slowly and sadistically beats people to death for purchasing a commercial product.

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Not only that, we don't even see The Eyehole Man ever actually eat any eyeholes! We have so many questions related to this character, but one stands out above the rest; What drives a creature to be so cruel? And don't just say eyeholes.

2 Evil Morty

You probably came here for this entry, and we totally understand why. Not only is the eyepatch-wearing alternate reality version of Morty one of the most evil beings on the show, but he's also one of the most enigmatic. In two mysterious, conspiratorial end scenes of the show, we get hints that Evil Morty is planning something huge for the Rick and Morty multiverse.

We know it involves deception, and murder, and torture, but we don't know what it is. And for keeping it from us for so long, we think the Rick and Morty writers deserve an honorable mention on this list.

1 Fart

Fart, the sentient jewel-cloud that Marty meets in Season Two, has one goal. It's the complete eradication of all organic life in our universe. And if we didn't give him the number one spot on this list for that, then we're not doing our jobs right. Not only does fart desire all this death and destruction, but his plan to make it happen is also especially cruel.

He tricks Morty into being his friend, playing the victim and connecting with him as a misunderstood creature. Heck, he even writes him a song to do it. And there are few things more evil than causing universal-death with a catchy tune. Even if it is Jemaine Clement doing it.

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Who do you think is the most evil being in the Rick and Morty universe? Are there any characters we left off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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