15The Nation Of Wakanda (Black Panther)

Captain America Civil War Wakanda Concept Art

Wakanda is a hyper-advanced African nation home to Black Panther, one of Marvel's most awesome superheroes. Featured in after-credits sequence of 2016's Captain America: Civil War, Wakanda is a bastion of highly advanced technology in almost every conceivable field. The wellspring of this spectacular achievement? Vibranium. The

incredible metal has the ability to absorb all vibrations-- including kinetic energy-- and use the energy to make itself stronger. Most famously used as part of the alloy of Captain America's shield, vibranium also acts as a powerful mutagen (granting superhuman abilities to many Wakandan natives) and an alleged enhancer of mystical energies.

So, how much does the nation of Wakanda benefit from vibranium? Valued at $10,000 USD per gram, the metal is worth more than twice as much as plutonium. With an estimated 10,000 tons of vibranium in Wakanda, it would take more than the GDP of the entire world to purchase it all. Seeing as Black Panther himself (leader of Wakanda as King T'Challa) has a personal networth of over $90 trillion, it's staggering to imagine the wealth of his nation.

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