Rian Johnson's Knives Out Casts 13 Reasons Why Star Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford is the latest addition to the star-studded cast of Rian Johnson's murder mystery film, Knives Out. Johnson actually started production on Knives Out back at the tail-end of October, yet the movie's cast has only continued to grow in the two weeks (or so) since then.

Prior to directing last year's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Johnson was known as the director of quirky films like Brick (a noir mystery set in high school), The Brothers Bloom (a con artist caper), and Looper (a time-travel action/drama). Johnson isn't doing playing in Lucasfilm's sandbox either and is developing a brand-new Star Wars movie trilogy for the studio. Before that, however, he needs to finish casting Knives Out, much less wrap production.

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THR is reporting that Langford has joined the cast of Knives Out, though details on her role are being kept under-wraps. That's nothing out of the ordinary though; outside of the fact that Daniel Craig is starring in the film as a modern-day detective tasked with solving a murder mystery, little to nothing else has been revealed about the plot and characters of Knives Out thus far.

Since Johnson began rolling camera on Knives Out, the film's cast has added Toni Colette, Christopher Plummer, and now Langford. A cast with those three and Craig would be impressive enough on its own, but they're just the tip of the iceberg here. The movie's ensemble further includes Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, and Lakeith Stanfield, as well as Ana De Armas (of War Dogs and Blade Runner 2049 fame), and Jamie Lee Curtis in her first post-Halloween role. With a lineup like that, Knives Out is going to be a proper star-studded affair.

Knives Out is also the latest big project that Langford has joined recently. The 13 Reasons Why season 1 & 2 star (who has confirmed she won't return in season 3) recently lined up a mystery role in Avengers 4 and is set to star in Cursed, a Netflix series about the Lady of the Lake that Frank Miller is developing. Much like it's nice to see Johnson getting back to his roots as a filmmaker before he makes another Star Wars movie, it's good to know that Langford will continue to tackle intriguing one-off projects like Knives Out, in-between her upcoming franchise and TV show commitments.

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We will let you know when Knives Out gets an official release date.

Source: THR

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