'Zombieland' Writers Making Directorial Debut With Comedy Film 'Doc and Howie'

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick directorial debut Doc and Howie

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are fast becoming two of Hollywood's most popular and sought-after screenwriters, ever since their success with Zombieland, a hilarious and extremely entertaining comedic take on the zombie genre.

Since Zombieland the pair have become involved with numerous high profile projects, including a Zombieland sequel; the X-Men spin-off Deadpool; the G.I. Joe sequel; a "300-style" action movie called Earth vs. Moon; and most recently, an adaptation of the comic series Cowboy Ninja Viking.

Not content with speeding ahead in the screenwriting game, Reese and Wernick have decided to try their hands at directing. Risky Business reports that the duo are going to be making their directorial debut with Doc and Howie (originally titled Doc and Howie Whack a Granny), a comedy described as being in the same tone as the Harold and Kumar movies.

Interestingly enough, Reese and Wernick didn't write the script for Doc and Howie (you'd think they would want to direct stuff they'd written), but rather it was written by TV writer/producer, Steve Leff. The script actually made the Hollywood "Black List" last year and was reportedly one of the better received entries on the list.

"So what's Doc and Howie about?" I hear you asking. Well, here's the plot rundown thanks to Risky Business:

In the story the title characters accidentally kill an elderly woman when they neglect to help her carry her groceries up the stairs. In a fortuitous twist, the incident brings them into contact with the woman’s hot granddaughters, and they struggle with the dilemma of whether to tell the women the truth.

Admittedly the plot does sound a little mean-spirited, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be funny. Recent hits such as The Hangover, Date Night and Pineapple Express (to name but a few) all had a bit of that humor in them, but that didn't stop them from being hilarious.

There's no telling at this point how Reese and Wernick will fair as directors; just because they're talented screenwriters doesn't mean their talent will transfer to directing. But at the same time, I'm confident with Doc and Howie being in their hands.

The plan is to start shooting Doc and Howie by early next summer. There's currently no release date been set.

Source: Risky Business

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