Revisting Flash Gordon: Is There Hope For This Show?

I’ve always been one to say I’ll try anything twice. Last Friday night, I revisited Sci-Fi channel’s Flash Gordon to give it another look see since this show gave the Sci-Fi Channel's best ever series premiere.

I don’t know if they were trying too hard to cram a lot of development information into that first episode, or now there are different writers or editors for the regular episodes, but to my surprise, last nights episode was much better than the premiere.

I didn’t expect the transporting back and forth between Earth and Mongo to be handled well, but it flowed better than I thought. Have I been softened up by Stargate to accept teleport or wormhole windows as the standard for interplanetary travel? I’ll never say.

We have an alienated warrior, Baylin, trapped/exiled on Earth trying to adjust, and her alien bluntness to things earthly can be funny. A bit canned, old, but still funny. Flash and Baylin are reluctant, but developing partners and that is played out well.

There were interspersed tidbits of practical humor, ie: Flash gets tranquilized while he’s trying to infiltrate a village and falls over saying, "This isn’t good!", thud!

I don’t retract my opinions about the premiere episode, but after watching this episode, I may need to watch a few more of the regular episodes.

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