Review: Nancy Drew


By M Holtreman

Short version: Not completely awful, unless you're a big fan of Nancy Drew from the books and video games.

At the start of the film we find Nancy Drew (played by Emma Roberts) solving a burglary in her hometown of River Heights. She solves the case and the police catch the burglars.

Her father, Carson Drew, then takes her to California to spend some time at their new vacation home in Los Angeles. He tells her not to solve mysteries at all on their vacation because L.A can be a very dangerous place. Of course Nancy looks for a mystery to solve and soon discovers a house with a big mystery: A missing movie star. While working to solve the mystery, Nancy found that there was a caretaker in the house as well as secret passages in the house. Eventually she also found the movie star’s lost daughter and her will. Nancy tries to return the will but someone the movie star might have known will do their best to get in the way.

Finding a clue could prove to be fatal.

Nancy Drew shows how Nancy balances solving a case and attending high school. People who have read Nancy Drew books and are fans of the character will be very annoyed by the fact that the movie version of Nancy makes obvious mistakes (like trying to escape a building while she is in plain view). People who are unfamiliar with Nancy Drew will think it is a fun movie to go see, but because it is not true to the books I rate it two and a half stars.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good)
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