Review: Heroes Season 3 Premiere

Actually, another thing that didn't make sense was the utter and complete 180 degree turn by Suresh on the super-power thing. Now he's excited as a kid on Christmas Eve about the prospect of giving people powers. I also didn't get why he couldn't "cure" Maya of her powers when his other serum was able to take away Nikki's and Sylar's powers.

Turns out, it seems that he's been envious of all these super-powers. He ends up injecting himself while out on the nice, unsafe docks one night. He is awoken by a couple of muggers upon whom he demonstrates his newly found super-strength.

And all that was just within the first hour!

In the second hour Claire finds that while she can still heal, now she no longer feels pain. Turns out that Peter coming back from the future and his meddling kept Claire from leaving for Odessa - so she was home when Sylar came looking for her.

Peter's mom is NOT pleased and keeps trying to get him to go back to the future.

Meanwhile Suresh not only has super-strength and agility, he also has Spider-Man-like powers, allowing him to scale walls - which seemed out of place to me (as much as something can seem out of place on a show like Heroes). Oh, and one of his new powers also seems to be that he is super-horny (with Maya).

Matt is still out in the middle of the desert, where future-Peter sent him during the first hour (rather cruelly).

Jessica (aka "bad Nikki" and now known as Tracy Strauss and played by Ali Larter) is now her own separate person, involved in politics. However she doesn't remember that she was once the evil twin of Nikki Saunders - and THIS version has a different power: the ability to freeze people and objects. Terminally.

Sylar has invaded "Level 5" at the company and is out to nab the powers of the most powerful super-folks yet, who are incarcerated there. When he tries to take Elle Bishop's (Kristen Bell) electrical powers, she explodes (not fatally) with enough electric power to incapacitate him.

"Present" Peter Petrelli is trapped in the body of one of the prisoners, all of which have been freed by her power discharge.

And unfortunately for Suresh, at the end of this episode he begins to transform and look like Seth Brundle from The Fly as he starts getting huge sores that peel away on his back.

And that, as they say, was that. Seemed like more happened in these two episodes than in all of the previous abbreviated season. So far I'd say we're off to a very good, action-packed start that should please fans big time.

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