Review: A.P.U. (Art, Pot and Underwear)

By Brian Rentschler

Short version: This short film deserves some credit for being original and mildly entertaining, but it's pretty lame overall.

A.P.U.: Art, Pot and Underwear

For those of you who think the Jewish community is underrepresented in Hollyweird, Landau Motion Pictures has the answer for you. They made a short film (about nine minutes long) back in 2003 called A.P.U.: Art, Pot and Underwear that has quite an eclectic group of characters, including a Jewish action star. Long story short, the film is about as weird as the title implies.

Kiko Rosenberg (played by Seth Landau) is an action star whose marriage to his co-star, Adrienne Lennon (played by Jen Richey), is on the rocks. Adrienne hires two movers — Scooter (played by Scott Schwoch) and K.W. (played by Kenneth Bristow). However, Scooter thinks Adrienne is totally hot, and he wants to steal a pair of her underwear. During this epic quest, we meet an accountant who appears to be a cocaine addict, as well as a guy who looks like a girl from the back.

According to the production company, Scooter has been compared to Jeff Bridges' character from The Big Lebowski. Since I really didn't care much for that movie and the Lebowski character barely knew what planet he lived on, I'm not sure if that's such a good comparison. All I know is that Scooter looks like he needs more exercise and less Häagen-Dazs. Consider the following example of masterful dialogue from the film:

Scooter: You're hot.

Adrienne: You know exactly what to say.

So obviously, we're not in any danger of seeing the next Citizen Kane. I have seen much better short films than this (such as Sandy Collora's Batman shorts), but A.P.U. is mildly entertaining. There were a couple of bits that got a chuckle out of me. The production values are actually pretty decent for a short film, in particular the camera work and the editing. However, the acting seems forced and wooden, although that's partly because of the weak script. There were too many peripheral characters crammed into the movie; more emphasis should have been given to the main characters and storyline. Overall, I found A.P.U. pretty lame, but it's mildly entertaining, so if you could use a couple of chuckles and you have about nine minutes to spare, check it out.

You can see the movie here. Potentially objectionable content includes profanity, drug use and a character who has an unhealthy fascination with underwear.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5 (Okay)
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