Kotobukiya Unveils Reverse Flash ArtFX Statue

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The Flash's Reverse Flash has slowed down just enough to allow a detailed statue to be modelled on him. Collectors of DC ArtFX statues can now pre-order a highly detailed statue of The Flash's arch-nemesis in all his menacing glory.

The deadly Reverse Flash (a.k.a. Eobard Thawne) was the main villain in the very first season of The Flash TV show, and was responsible for the death of Barry Allen's mother, as well as the incarceration of his father. In effect, he was the cause for Barry's eventual metamorphosis into the Scarlet Speedster, as well as some of his more dubious decisions (Flashpoint specifically). Actor Matt Letscher played the character in later episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, when he was in his Thawne persona. But in the first season, the Reverse Flash assumed the identity of Harrison Wells and was played by series regular Tom Cavanagh.

Now the Japanese collectible company Kotobukiya has released a series of photos (h/t CBR) for their upcoming Reverse Flash statue. It's a highly detailed piece of merchandising which has been produced as part of the company's ArtFX+ line. They have previously made figures for other DC properties such as Arrow and Batman V Superman. The statue itself is based on the Harrison Wells variation and shows the character with some authentic realism, slightly crouching as if to start running and wearing a gloriously manic grin. The suit contains plenty of convincing wrinkles and minor touches to have noticeably sourced straight from the show. Take a look in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Reverse Flash ArtFX Statue by Kotobukiya" id="982281"]

The figure itself is made on a 1/10 scale, and measures approximately 6.5 inches tall. In a really neat touch it also emulates Thawne's red-eyed stare by using LED light technology to recreate the villain's glowing eyes, which became synonymous with his early creepy appearances. For the dedicated collector a purchase also buys you a bonus interchangeable piece for The Flash TV ArtFX statue that allows Barry to change his emblem with the updated design from season 2. It's a very handsome statue with plenty of cool details, which will look at home on the shelves of fans of CW's Arrowverse shows and superhero collectibles. The piece is available for pre-ordering now.

As regards the future of the Reverse Flash himself, he may not be around in The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow shows anymore (at least for the time being), but rumors persist that he may well have a large part to play in future DCEU films. Unsurprisingly the movie version of The Flash is being marked as the prime suspect for his entry into the franchise.

In the meantime, if further statues of DC heroes and villains continue to be produced by the Japanese company, we're intrigued to see what their next choice will be.

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Source: Kotobukiya [via CBR]

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