Revenge of the Sith to be PG-13

As mentioned here way back in September, it's looking more and more like Episode III of the Star Wars saga will be rated PG-13.

In the interview for next week's broadcast of CBS' 60 Minutes George Lucas talked about (what else?) the upcoming film, and confirmed that it's going to be a very dark story relative to the other films in the series. He stated that "I don't think I would take a 5- or a 6-year-old to this, it's way too strong." A statement that I have absolutely no doubt will be ignored by thousands of idiotic parents.

Of course the flip side is that although Lucas thinks the film will be too strong for young kids, he will have no problem marketing toys to those very same children, who will of course harangue their parents about seeing the movie.

Don't get me wrong... considering the plotline, Revenge of the Sith should get the PG-13 rating. If it didn't, it would be a watered down version of Anakin's descent into evil, which within the canvas of the overall story needs to be told very seriously.

I'm curious to see if the PG-13 rating does, indeed stick. I have a feeling that it will, since PG-13 movies have no problem making buckets of money.... probably even more than PG films do.

Source: CBS News

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