'Retreat' Trailer: Couple's Retreat Goes Really Wrong

Retreat movie trailer with Jamie Bell

One of the most tried-and-true formulas for a Hollywood movie is the "people trapped in a room" storyline that has made for many an intense psychological thriller in the past - heck, even M. Night Shyamalan (technically) did justice by that setup (see: Devil)!

The latest entry in that particular genre is Retreat, a low-budget production that was recently acquired by Sony for distribution - and stars such notable names as Cillian Murphy (Inception), Thandie Newton (Crash), and Jamie Bell (The Eagle). Now an actual trailer has been released for the film too.

Retreat revolves around a European couple (Murphy and Newton) who travel to a remote island in the hopes of recovering from a recent tragedy in their lives. Trouble soon follows the pair in the form of a bloodied man (Bell) who informs the couple that a devastating airborne virus has broken out back on the mainland. But is this stranger telling the truth? Or are Murphy and Newton trapped in a cabin with a potentially dangerous person who has gone insane?

While this trailer for Retreat doesn't flat out reveal whether or not Bell's character is an honest man, it does touch on a few significant plot points in the film. So consider that your SPOILER WARNING.

Check out the Retreat trailer below:


Although the setup for Retreat is (as mentioned before) pretty generic, it looks as though the film might do a good job of executing its premise. Murphy, Newton, and Bell all appear to have nailed their respective characters in the movie - not to mention, the simple but muted visual style of the footage on display seems to appropriately enhance the atmosphere of dread and unease that is meant to resonate throughout the motion picture.

However, as with any trailer, it's possible this preview makes Retreat look better than it actually is: the tense mood of the material shown here could easily devolve over the course of the actual film - to the point where it all becomes more silly than sinister. Though, I think there's good enough reason to be hopeful (for now) that this might not be the case.

Retreat has not secured an official U.S. release date yet, but that should change in the future. As always, we'll let you know when it does.

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