Resurrection Superman Depicted in New Justice League Fan-Art

Probably one of the worst kept secrets in the history of superhero movies is the fact that Superman will be coming back to life in the upcoming Justice League movie. It was already pretty heavily foreshadowed even with the ending of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where rumblings at Superman’s grave indicated he was still alive. This certainly did not surprise long time comic fans since the moment was clearly influenced by the two comics that inspired the plot of Dawn of Justice. The majority of Dawn of Justice drew upon the plot of The Dark Knight Returns which saw an older Batman gearing up in a special made suit to battle Superman to the death. Batman’s heart seemingly gave out, but after his funeral, Superman’s super hearing detected Batman’s faint heartbeat, revealing it had all been part of Bruce’s plan.

The second major influence for the movie’s plot was, of course, 1992’s The Death of Superman which seemingly saw Superman killed at the hands of the near unstoppable Doomsday. Clark would later return totally healthy and revealed his body had merely entered a stasis state that resembled death, but was actually healing him. But during his time away Clark’s hair continued growing so that when he returned he was now sporting a mullet, as well as a new black costume. And judging by the screenshots we have seen of the upcoming Justice League movie, the film will be true to the comics by giving the Man of Steel a drastically different look.

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Yet if you have only been paying attention to the posters for Justice League, Superman is nowhere in sight. Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman are the League members who stand front and center, while Superman remains noticeably absent. So the marketing team is being a bit coy by not making it too explicit that DC’s biggest star is coming back. But most fans are well aware of what the movie has in store for Clark and have been studying the handful of shots of the movie for more clues. Some fans are so excited that they have even put together fan art based on the movie of Clark’s potential new look.

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Seen above, artist BossLogic has created a possible preview of what the final product might look like when Superman returns with his new look in Justice League. It’s not an exact match for Superman’s return in the comics where he comes back with significantly longer hair, but this piece of fan art is a pretty good estimation for how Henry Cavill might look. The beard in particular marks quite a departure from Superman’s typical persona where he has always been America’s clean cut hero. But as fans of the comics know, Superman’s return changed more than his appearance, and even instilled him with a new attitude and some new powers. Those aspects at least have been pretty well-guarded, though, since all we know to expect right now is Superman will be coming back a bit different after his near brush with death.

With only two more months to go, the unveiling of the new Superman isn’t far off now. We’ve seen some cool fan art concepts for what Clark might look like, but fans are ready for the real thing. What will Cyborg and Aquaman be like? Will Wonder Woman and Batman be as good as their last appearances in the DCEU? And what will happen with the returning Superman? We’re set to get a lot of answers with the arrival of Justice League.

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