'Results' Star Kevin Corrigan Talks Taking a Punch & Love of Monty Python

Bronx-born performer Kevin Corrigan is a first-class "that guy." Since the early 1990s, he's been a fixture on film and television, most often playing hoodlums (Goodfellas, American Gangster, and The Departed) or lovable losers (Slums of Beverly HillsGrounded for Life). In the new rom-com Results, Corrigan portrays an eccentric and out-of-shape multi-millionaire whose quest to improve himself upends the lives of two personal trainers, played by Cobie Smulders and Guy Pearce.

Screen Rant sat down with Corrigan to discuss Results, his love of Monty Python, and the value of knowing how to take a punch.

In Results, Danny, his fitness goal is to be able to take a punch. What does that mean to you?

Well, I guess what it meant to me when we were shooting is that he’s expecting…he’s sort of expecting the other shoe to drop, just generally, in his life, like something’s going to happen.

And he wants to be prepared for that?

Yeah, whatever it is.

It also makes sense that it doesn’t make sense to Guy Pierce’s character, who is so eternally optimistic and refuses to acknowledge there is another shoe.

Yeah. You know, well, he says he understands. But later on he’s telling Kat how weird Danny is, weird this guy was who came in. But I mean, “Yeah, I’d like to be able to take a punch,” that punch could be not just a…I mean it could mean anything. Some disease could befall you. If you’re well exercised, if you’re in shape enough, I mean all that stuff can help you if you get into that kind of trouble down the line. I mean I know that not from my own experience, but other people in my life. “It’s a good thing you did all that running!”

It comes in handy later, potentially?


Well, speaking of…When Danny is getting in the process of learning to work out, he brings up the ministry of silly walks. Are you a Monty Python fan?


Kevin Corrigan and Cobie Smulders in Results
Kevin Corrigan and Cobie Smulders in 'Results'

Has that been at all influential when you’re working?

Yeah. I couldn’t tell you how specifically, but it’s in there. It’s just one of those constant things that I….I love those guys. I actually got to meet them a month…month and a half ago…?

At the Tribeca thing?

The 40th anniversary of the 'Holy Grail' screening. I was already doing some jury work for the festival. I said, “How’s a guy like me get to actually meet those guys?” Because I had a plus one pass. I was going to see the movie anyway. I was like, “I want to meet them.” So they helped me out. they helped me. I got to meet Michael Palin and that as a real dream.

Yeah. And Andrew put that in the script. You would think that I adlibbed that, but I didn’t. He put it in, because he’s a fan, too. So we were clicking that way.

Results Movie Poster

Yeah. That was a great night. I went to that event. It was crazy.

Oh, wasn’t it great?

John Cleese is running around and Terry Gilliam is underneath his coattails, like literally.

It was unforgettable. It was so great.

What’s the weirdest advice you’ve ever gotten from a trainer?

The weirdest advice I’ve ever gotten from a trainer…I don’t recall…I don’t know. I’m not really sure. I don’t quite have an answer for that. it’s all weird. Every bit of advice I ever gotten has ended up being kinda weird, like, “Well, I did what they told me. I’m in pain now.”

Kevin Corrigan and Guy Pearce in Results
Kevin Corrigan and Guy Pearce in 'Results'

So I guess it’s working.

Anthony Michael Hall has that line in 'Results': “Pain is king.” No pain, no gain, all that stuff. I don’t know how true all that is. I mean, yeah, you do have to…there is a certain amount of distressing that has to go on, I guess. But anyway, yeah, the whole thing is weird to me.

Last year you were in a movie that I thought was kinda underrated because it was very ambitious. Is there anything you can tell us about the production of Winter’s Tale and how that kinda came to be?

The director of that movie, I think he also adapted the script from the book. It’s a labor of love for that guy. I auditioned for it…It was the third time I’ve worked with Russell Crowe. So there was a bit of a connection there. So I’m glad I was in it. I’ve always wanted to work on a period piece. And that was like 1910 or something. I got to meet Eva Marie Saint. That was beautiful. I love 'On The Waterfront.' So that was…there were a lot of benefits of being in that thing. And it came out pretty good. It was a sentimental film.


Results is now playing in theaters.

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