Insomniac Downplays Resistance 4 Chances

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Insomniac Games is downplaying the chances of Resistance 4 or returning to the shooter series in the near future. Even as the developer wraps up work on Sony's Spider-Man exclusive, it doesn't sound like Insomniac's next project will involve reopening the war between the human race and alien Chimera.

First released on the PlayStation 3 with Resistance: Fall of Man back in 2006, the game depicted an alternate version of a 1950s Earth that had become overrun by a mysterious alien race. Focussing on an elite squadron determined to eradicate the Chimera, the story continued in 2008's Resistance 2 and rounded off the trilogy with Resistance 3 in 2011. Resistance 3 had a definitive ending and it seems it will remain that way.

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Although it wasn't Insomniac's work, Resistance was last seen in 2012 on the PlayStation Vita with the disappointing spinoff Resistance: Burning Skies. In an interview with Finder, Insomniac Games Community Director James Stevenson revealed that the franchise will stay there for now:

"Oh wow, if I was a betting man? It feels like it’s a longshot to me. But I have learned over the years to never say never. I think there are a lot of people out there that have fond memories of a Resistance game from the PS3 era, but yeah, never say never, it’s just that we have no plans to make another Resistance game in the future."

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Although he doesn't say "never" to Resistance 4, it isn't coming any time soon. Stevenson noted that Sony owns the IP and there is a small chance that another developer could pick up where Insomniac left off. Considering Nihilistic Software was behind the failure of Burning Skies, this option is equally unlikely.

Sony switched off the servers for all three games in 2014 and Resistance has been in the dark since. Even with the favorable reviews of Resistance 3 and praise for shifting away from the military feel of the first two games for a post-apocalyptic vibe, there has been no news on where the series could go next. Insomniac is more likely to focus its efforts on something like a Spider-Man sequel if the first game does well.

It's disappointing news when remembering that Resistance was one of the flagship titles for the PlayStation 3 and helped solidify the console as the perfect home for first-person shooters. Resistance was also a move away from Insomniac's family-friendly titles like Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank. Sadly, as Sony has moved forward with its other first-party games, the name Resistance has slipped into the abyss. For the time being, it looks like the Chimera have been put to rest.

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