Unannounced Resident Evil Game Will Soon Begin Testing

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Capcom is calling on Resident Evil fans through their RE Ambassador program to test out an unannounced game in the series. Earlier this year, the developer released their critically acclaimed modern remake of Resident Evil 2As of right now, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the only title in the numbered games that has not received a remake. While Capcom plans on continuing the series with what will likely be the eighth entry in the series (rumored to be in development), the company has also teased a remake Resident Evil 3 a number of times.

After taking the series in a more action-oriented direction with Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Capcom won the hearts of many longtime fans with the seventh title, returning to the series' survival-horror roots. While the game was more well-received by reviewers and fans alike, it sold less than both of the titles that came before it. Where the Resident Evil series will go next is still largely up in the air. Nevertheless, Capcom clearly has big plans in the making for one of their most prolific series.

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The Resident Evil fan website, Biohaze (via IGN) shared the email sent to RE Ambassadors requesting that they be in attendance "to try out a new game in early development." Testing periods will occur in Los Angeles on September 20 or September 21, as well as New York on September 23 or September 24. Those looking to participate need to be a part of the RE Ambassador program and must have played a previous title from the series. Only a few applicants will be chosen and transportation will be completely on them.

Given that the game is still early on in development, it's likely that it'll be some time before the title is shown off publicly. Video games that are very early in development typically see radical changes from demoing stages to launch. The game that many of the testers end up playing will probably be very different from the one that's eventually shown off to the public.

It's tough to imagine that this new title from Capcom is anything but Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Since the launch of Monster Hunter WorldCapcom has seen continuous success among some of their best IP, like Resident Evil and Devil May CryHopefully, they continue to release genre-defining titles well into the remainder of this console generation and the next one. Only time will tell what this next project will be but survival-horror fans should definitely be excited to see and hear more about it.

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Source: IGN, Biohaze

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