Resident Evil Fans Are Making Their Own Tribute Video Game

Get ready to head back to the eerie backdrop of the Spencer Mansion. A group of Resident Evil superfans are creating their own tribute game to the long-running franchise.

Anyone who knows anything about Resident Evil will already know that the 1996 game already has a remake - the ever popular GameCube REmake from 2002. However, a new company is tackling its own version of the iconic survival horror game. There is one problem though; you just can't call it Resident Evil. Fansite Residence of Evil is behind the game, which is using the Capcom series as a blueprint.

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Developed by a team called MoonGlint, the game has been officially titled Vigil: Prophecy of the Bestowed, although it will be retreading the famous ground which Resident Evil first broke some 22 years ago. In a video posted to quash fears that Vigil is ripping off the original game, the developers also explain that there are four different characters, with each offering their own unique gameplay style:

With over a decade of gaming experience with the Unreal Engine, the guys at MoonGlint clearly have a knack for recreating famous games in their own way. The site also explains that assets ripped from the Capcom game were only supposed to be used as placeholders until Vigil's finalized ones are ready.

It may sound like a copyright nightmare; Capcom sure to put its foot down with this unauthorized remake, which may explain the change of title from the game's original title Residence Of Evil: The Game. Instead of being a direct clone like the project was originally meant to be, the backers have now come out and said that Vigil will be a tribute to Resident Evil and other famous horror movies. However, with a limited inventory, cramped halls packed with zombies, and the all-important mansion, it will feel very familiar to those who have visited the Arklay Mountains before.

Aside from the boost in popularity from Sony's movie series of the same name, Resident Evil showed it still had the ability to top the gaming charts with Resident Evil 7 last year. Returning to the confined spaces of the first few games instead of the cinematic sequences of later installments, RE7 gave new hope to a sometimes tired series. Instead of aiming to dominate sales like the Capcom series, Vigil is instead an ambitious fan project that may appeal to those who still love the original Resident Evil game.

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Coming exclusively to PC, Vigil: Prophecy of the Bestowed will be free to play when it arrives at an as-yet unspecified date.

Source: Residence of Evil

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