Comic-Con 2012: 'Resident Evil: Retribution' Panel

'Resident Evil' returns to Comic-Con 2012 for a panel and footage screening for 'Resident Evil: Retribution,' the fifth film in the action/horror franchise, coming at you once again in 3D.

'Resident Evil: Retribution' at Comic-Con 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution will be blowing up 3D screens this Fall, and fans of the horror/action franchise will be psyched to see it back in theaters once again. Once again the panel will be held in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con 2012.

Appearing in person will be Milla Jovovich [MJ], Michelle Rodriguez [MR], Oded Fehr [OF], Boris Kodjoe [BK], Mika Nakashima [MN] and writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson [PWSA].

If you're attending the convention, you can check out the panel yourself at 4:05 PM Pacific Time in Hall H. If not, keep it parked right here and for the latest on the film, brought to you live by Screen Rant.


4:09PM:Hello everyone! @rob_keyes here and the Retribution panel is JUST about to begin. They’ve said they cut special 3D footage just to showcase today!

4:10PM:Seeing Milla here for Resident Evil feels so familiar. Can you believe there have been FIVE live-action RE films? She’s always great on stage and is a passionate fan of the franchise.

4:12PM:First guest to the stage is director Paul W.S. Anderson. After some mic issues, now we’re talking about the fifth installment. “We really wanted to blow out the franchise and make it much bigger for the fans with us for this long journey so far. We feel this franchise is reaching a climax and we wanted to make this an EPIC movie.”

“We went all around the world to make this a global event.”

4:17PM:We just watched the full 3D trailer and if you’re a fan, you’re going to LOVE it. The 3D effects were solid and the action and scale are bigger than better than footage from previous films showcased right here in Hall H of San Diego Convention Center.

4:19PM:Michelle Rodriguez, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, Mika Nakashima and Milla Jovovich are now on stage – big applause from crowd.

4:20PM:Milla gets the crowd excited and answers a question, joking about how horrifying it is to play a non-powered character in the world of Resident Evil. We’re not queuing up more footage: 2 minutes of Jill Valentine vs. Alice.

4:27PM:MR says it’s “sick sh**” seeing the footage in 3D. The fight took place in the arctic with shipwrecks everywhere. An Umbrella sub surfaces with Valentine and Michelle’s character and they face off against Leon, Carlos and Alice. Michelle injects herself and can take bullets like its candy.

4:28PM:How long does it take to shoot 9 minutes of a fight sequence? PA: “weeks and weeks and weeks” plus the months of training. This fight was intentionally put at the end of the film so they could be ready/trained and because they feared the actors could get hurt.

4:30PM:Fan question: Do Michelle and Milla feel like they led the charge for female butt-kicking action stars? Panel laughs awkwardly and Michelle gets a good fan response by saying Leeloo (The Fifth Element) did it for her.

4:32PM:Michelle and Milla’s banter together is dominating the panel – Michelle told a story about how she begged Paul to be in the first movie because she was a big fan of the games.

4:32PM:Milla: It’s so much easier to have a big gun, blowing people away, compared to running and screaming – that gives her headaches while shooting.

4:33PM:Fan calls Michelle “the Queen of Resurrection,” coming back to both the Resident Evil franchise and the next Fast & Furious.

4:34PM:Moderator asks Paul if the series is coming to an end, since he hinted that the franchise is reaching a climax. Paul: This is “the beginning of the end”

There’s “an awful lot of death in it. A lot of characters die… No one’s really safe at this point.”

Milla: Resident Evil has a life before and after Alice.

4:37PM:Fan asks if Paul would consider doing a sequel with Leon as the protagonist. Lots of jokes from the panel since Paul and Milla are married.

Milla: “Paul did tell me an idea he had for a number 6. I don’t know details and all that… he said I really want to bring this to a closure.” There’s definitely an end.

Michelle: “Aw, that was a cop out. I thought you were going to give us something juicy!”

4:38PM:How Michelle keeps in shape: “I suck at working out… I dance to keep fit. I party”

4:47PM:Everytime Milla half-answers a question, Michelle calls her out. Fans are on Michelle’s side in joke response department.

4:47PM:That’s it for this panel and we’re quickly moving into the full Sony Pictures lineup.


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