Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 16, 2012

Resident Evil tops the box office

This weekend’s box office is a vast improvement over last week’s disastrous showing.

Paul W.S Anderson’s Resident Evil: Retribution (read our review) will top the chart grossing $21.1 million, a great number for the fifth installment of a ten year old franchise, especially one which few people admit to liking.

It’s down on the first weekend take of the fourth film in the series, Resident Evil: Afterlife which opened to $26 million – the best debut in the series. That film went on to gross $60 million domestically and over $296 million worldwide. Retribution's take is the lowest debut since the franchise starter in 2002.  However, his zombie action film will make a killing on the international circuit, potentially out-grossing the $236 million foreign haul of its predecessor.

Disney/Pixar’s 3D rerelease of Finding Nemo (read our review) will swim away with $17.5 million. It’s down from the $30 million that The Lion King scored last year, but on a par with the $17 million that Beauty and the Beast grossed earlier this year. That animated re-release went on to collect over $47 million at the US box office. It must be noted that Nemo’s launch is still a great number for a movie which is just nine years old.

The Possession will scare-up another $5.8 million, a number which will raise the Sam Raimi production’s cume to an impressive $41 million. This is a good gross for a $15 million film, and it has shown surprising longevity. It won’t be around for much longer, but it will make even more money on DVD.

Lawless will score $4.2 million for a $30 million total, a decent if unspectacular gross. ParaNorman banked an estimated $3 million for a $49 million total cume.

The Expendables 2 will bring its total to $80 million after grossing $3 million. It doesn’t have much life left and it won’t hit $90 million, less than the first movie's $103 million final total. However, the $100 million actioner is on track to beat the $171 million international gross of 2010’s The Expendables.

Bradley Cooper starrer The Words will gross about $2.8 million on its second weekend, giving it an unspectacular $9 million total.

The Bourne Legacy should bank $2.8 million for a $107 million total haul, while  The Odd Life Of Timothy Green will see its gross rise to $46 million after collecting an additional $2.5 million.

The Campaign's total will reach $82.8 million after grossing another $2.4 million. The political comedy is having a steady, but impressive run.

The Dark Knight Rises finally dropped out of the top ten this week. The $250 million Christopher Nolan film has now pulled in $441 million domestically, while the superhero pic has grossed more than $600 million on the international circuit, giving it the best worldwide gross for of any Batman film.

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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