Milla Jovovich Recaps the Resident Evil Movie Franchise in 2 Minutes

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter NYCC trailer

The video-game-based Resident Evil franchise has, believe it or not, been rolling since 2002. Fifteen years and five sequels later, the saga of Alice, Claire, Jill and the rest of the gun-toting, zombie-killing, evil-scientist-battling gang is finally coming to an end with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

If you're looking to check out the last chapter in the Resident Evil series but have never seen any of the other movies, you have two options: Dive in cold and hope you figure it out, or set aside a day and marathon your way through the previous five films. Actually, there's a third option for those who don't like the first two: just check out a quick 2-minute recap of the entire series.

Hey, you're in luck: Milla Jovovich is here (via Sony Pictures Entertainment) to get you up to speed on the whole Resident Evil movie franchise, from 2002's original installment right up through the forthcoming Final Chapter, in just 2 quick and concise minutes. Even people who've seen all of the previous movies might be grateful for this quick refresher that takes us through the key developments of the very convoluted story (some Final Chapter clips are available as well).

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter NYCC trailer

As the recap shows, Resident Evil has gone through some wild twists-and-turns over the years. Initially the series was a pretty straight-forward survival horror story but as things went on, producers introduced bigger monsters, badder villains, more apocalyptic settings and frankly more over-the-top action. And clones. And kids of clones. And mind-control pacemakers. Yeah, things have gotten weird.

The constant throughout the Resident Evil series has been Milla Jovovich as Alice (and later as a whole bunch of Alices). Since 2009, Jovovich has been married to Paul W.S. Anderson, the guy who has written all six of the Resident Evil movies. It's unusual for six chapters in a movie series to star and be written by the same two people (with Anderson directing all but two of them), so kudos to Jovovich and Anderson for sticking it out to the end... and for staying married through all those sequels.

Of course, it's not 100% certain that this will actually be the end for Resident Evil. As fans of Friday the 13th learned way back in the '80s, sometimes the promised final chapter is a long way from being the final chapter. If this is indeed the end of Resident Evil as a film series, it was a pretty memorable, action-packed and at times head-scratching run.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) release date: Jan 27, 2017
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