16 Insane Things Players Can Do In The Resident Evil Games

The Resident Evil franchise is responsible for introducing some of the most iconic zombies and monsters in horror culture. Branching across films, comics, and video games, the series has become responsible for defining the genre of survival horror. The series has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past 20 years.

In 1996, the franchise released its first video game to huge success. In 2008, it was awarded the record for “Worst Game Dialogue Ever” by the Guinness World Record’s Gamer’s Edition. Since then, Resident Evil has continued to grow, releasing a slew of sequels and spinoffs -- the most recent being Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In 2015, Capcom announced that the franchise has sold over 64 million units worldwide.

Loyal fans of the series have dedicated countless hours to uncovering all the secrets the games have to offer. However, many fans are still not aware of several things they can do within the Resident Evil video games.

Here are the 16 Insane Things Players Can Do In The Resident Evil Games.

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16 Easier Way To Hear The Ticking

In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, players have access to a minigame titled Ethan Must Die.” In this mode, the player must navigate through the house while avoiding traps and monsters.

This mode offers increased difficulty for the player, as the monsters are smarter and much stronger than in story mode. For example, a single well-placed strike is all it takes to kill Ethan. Furthermore, the player must also acquire items from certain types of chests scattered throughout the map.

However, some of these cases are rigged to explode. One method to avoid these exploding cases is for players to slowly make their way towards the case and listening for the sound of ticking coming from the case. Players can facilitate this method by decreasing the game’s background volume, which makes the ticking louder.

15 Cutting The Animation Short

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard follows the story of Ethan. The protagonist arrives at an abandoned plantation, searching for his previously thought to be deceased wife, Mia. After discovering that she was infected with a mysterious ailment, Mia enters a frenzied state and attacks Ethan with a chainsaw.

Thankfully, Ethan wakes up in a new location, but his hand has been reattached as if Mia's attack actually happened. The player must then fight their way through hordes of enemies. Unfortunately once they are out of ammunition, the player reloads or sterilizes Ethan’s hand, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Performing both of these actions takes between one and three seconds of valuable time.

However, it is possible to skip this action and save time. Pressing the block button as soon as the animation begins will cancel it out, and allow the player to resume shooting.

14 Taking A Break To Play In The Park

In Resident Evil 6’s third chapter, after successfully navigating through the alleys, players can catch a breather at a playground. At first glance, the playground does not appear to be anything special or offer any type of reward.

However, it is possible for players to interact with some of the equipment, which includes going down the slide or even hopping on to a spring rider. Even though it doesn’t really fit into the atmosphere of the game, it is still nice to know that such a location exists.

In a way, the playground offers a brief respite from the zombie-infested environment. Being able to once again relive the innocence of youth is a rare privilege, especially in a universe as dark as the Resident Evil series.

13 Unlocking A Chest With A Toy Axe

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard requires the player to complete a series of puzzles to progress through the game. The toy axe puzzle is well hidden and takes a bit of effort to find.

For this puzzle, the player finds an old projector pointed at a wall with a sequence of numbers on it. There is also a chest in the corner of the room. One of the numbers is missing in the sequence, and the player must find it to open the chest. To proceed with this puzzle, the player must have acquired the snake key.

Once that’s done, the player can access the attic, where they find a toy axe in the shape of the number seven. Once acquired, the player can open the chest and add a stabilizer to their inventory. This item improves Ethan’s ability to reload and his weapon handling in general.

12 Death by Microwave

The Rasklapanje in Resident Evil 6 is one of the games more troublesome enemies. This enemy is possesses multiple arms and requires patience, precision, and a lot of bullets to defeat it.

Unfortunately, shooting off the creature's arms makes the situation even worse, as the limbs then come alive to attack the player. When this happens, the player must quickly dispose of them or take tons of damage. Luckily there is no need to waste bullets, as the arms can be disposed of by button mashing at the appropriate prompt. This makes the character either crush or throw the arms away.

However, it is possible to dispose of these arms in a more gruesome, yet comedic fashion. When the player mashes the button while next to the microwave, the sentient limbs are then shoved inside, making them explode in a burst of hot gore.

11 Alternative to Dynamite

In the fourth chapter of Resident Evil 4, the player goes down into a mine and must destroy a boulder obstructing their path. To bypass this obstacle the player requires dynamite to clear the obstruction.

The dynamite can be obtained by navigating a mine cart through a series of tunnels while fending off hordes of cultists. Despite how it sounds, this is the easy part. The more difficult task is when the player confronts the chainsaw-wielding cultist, Salvador, to retrieve the dynamite.

The entire process, depending on the chosen difficulty level, could take up quite a bit of time. However, it is possible to clear the boulder without having to go through the trouble of fighting Salvador. The player can also purchase a rocket launcher from the Merchant, which can be used to clear the boulder.

10 Free Punisher with Upgrade

The punisher handgun is a useful weapon to have. The gun is powerful enough to penetrate to five enemies in a row, which helps to save some ammo. However, upgrading the punisher can be a drain on the player's funds.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to acquire both the weapon and a powerful upgrade for free. To get access to this amazing offer, the player must acquire all 15 medallions. This process can be sped up by finding a blue flyer on a tree near the farm. Obtaining the flyer will mark all the medallion locations on the map.

After acquiring all the medallions, you will receive both the punisher and an upgrade for no charge at all. This is a useful way to save money for more pricey equipment.

9 The Glitch of Salazar Statue

While playing Resident Evil 4, the player will eventually arrive in the room with the Salazar statue. Once here, the player can activate a special glitch. In order to activate this glitch, the player must make their way on to the statue's hand.

To do this, the player must shoot the switch nearby. This causes the hand to change positions. Once the hand finishes moving, the player must shoot the switch again and quickly jump on the hand as it goes up. If successful, the player will move up a bit before returning to their original position -- but will be walking on air.

In addition to floating, the player can also move through walls. While this glitch is a little tricky to pull off, the result is well worth the effort.

8 The Original Camera Angle

The Lost Nightmare DLC for Resident Evil 5 offers an extra sense of nostalgia. Resident Evil 5 is an excellent game in the franchise, providing players with a solid third-person shooter, as well as quick time events during certain boss battles.

However, thanks to the inclusion of the Lost Nightmare expansion, it is possible to access a secret feature. While investigating the mansion, the player must go to the building’s entrance. The player cannot leave the mansion, but if the action is performed three times it will activate a secret feature.

The player will unlock a camera angle exactly like the one from the early Resident Evil games. This provides an enjoyable experience for players familiar with Resident Evil 1 and 2, with the benefit of modern graphics.

7 Leon’s Jet Ski Tricks

In the final area of Resident Evil 4, Leon attempts to escape with Ashley on a jet ski. During the escape, the player has a few limited windows of opportunity to pull off some cool stunts.

Whenever Leon’s jet ski is airborne, the player must push L and R simultaneously. Doing this enables Leon to perform some stunts while in mid-air, including a barrel roll or backflip. While it's not necessary to perform these actions, it is still a fun thing to do when the opportunity arises.

After all, it's not too often that you see Leon do something awesome that isn't related to killing zombies. The fact that the tunnel is also collapsing makes it that much better to witness.

6 Get Something For Doing Nothing

It is a common feature in games to hide the best Easter eggs behind a series of actions. Ironically in Resident Evil 4, a convenient way for the player to gain access to bonus content is by doing nothing.

After starting up the game, the player must watch the title screen without doing anything for about a minute or so. By doing this, the player will be rewarded with a never-before-seen trailer of the game. However, it does not end there.

After the first trailer has finished, the player has the option to either start the game, or to repeat the process and do nothing. If the player chooses to do still nothing, then they will be able to see the trailer from The Tokyo Game Show of 2004.

5 Death By Lake Monster

Resident Evil Del Lago

While playing Resident Evil 4, before attempting the jet ski mission, the player can shoot at a monster from dry land. The creature in question is Del Lago, an amphibious monstrosity courtesy of the Umbrella Corporation.

To activate the sequence, the player must shoot at certain spots of the lake between three or four times. Doing this will incite Del Lago to jump out of the lake and attack the player. This results in an automatic game over as Del Lago chomps down on Leon, and drags him to the depths of the lake.

This action has no benefits or advantages for the player, nor does it help them progress the story. The only thing this accomplishes is unlocking a special in-game achievement.

4 Shooting the Fourth Wall

The creators of the Resident Evil franchise have come up with some innovative ways to kill off or injure in-game characters. However, most players are not aware that in Resident Evil 2, players can shoot at a special type of target. This target is none other than the player controlling them.

By maneuvering Leon or Claire to look towards the camera, it is possible to make them fire a few shots towards the player. The actions will even create some bullet holes in the screen. It might sound useless and it accomplishes nothing in the games grand scheme of things, but it is a fun feature.

Additionally, it’s amazing to know that one of the best games in the franchise can allow players to literally break the fourth wall.

3 The Secret of Wesker’s Desk

The series' main antagonist, Albert Wesker, has several references and mentions throughout the Resident Evil games. In some game he appears as a boss and other times he only has a cameo or a subtle reference. Regardless, any mention of the character is enough to get fans excited.

This is especially true if it involves learning about some of Wesker’s secrets. It just so happens that players can uncover Wesker's desk in Resident Evil 2. The first couple of times that the player searches the desk will turn up a few useful items, but any subsequent searches appear to yield nothing.

However, with enough patience and dedication, players will uncover the secret hidden in the desk. After searching the desk a ludicrous fifty times, the player will discover a secret compartment. The secret turns out to be a photo of Rebecca in a basketball uniform.

2 Shinji’s Secret Message

In Resident Evil Rebirth, dedicated players of the franchise can test their skills by putting the game in Invisible Mode. Unlocking this mode requires the player to beat the game with both Jill and Chris on either normal and hard difficulty.

The mode is extremely challenging, as players must survive while fighting off invisible enemies that appear without warning. There is an additional bonus for players who manage to beat the game in this mode within five hours. Players who succeed in doing this then receive a message from the creator of the Resident Evil franchise, Shinji Mikami.

In the message, Mikami acknowledges the skill and effort necessary to successfully play the game on Invisible Mode. Mikami then thanks the player for the time and dedication they devoted to playing the game.

1 Zombie Wesker and The Golden Tyrant

When it comes to the first Resident Evil game, the Sega Saturn version is considered superior to the PlayStation version. For example, after beating the game for the first time on the Saturn console, players will unlock Battle Mode.

In this mode, the player must fight their way through several stages infested with zombie grunts and bosses. Players are also treated to a fight with a zombie version of Wesker, as well as a gold tyrant. Both of these bosses are insanely powerful and can take a lot of damage before dying.

They present the ultimate challenge to players, as they must use all their skills to take these bosses down. To add to the difficulty, players also have with a limited number of bullets and are being timed. This is a worthwhile experience that has eluded Resident Evil fans who have not had access to the Saturn version of the game.


Are there any other awesome things that you can do in the Resident Evil franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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