Resident Evil 6: 'Outpouring of Support' Brought Ali Larter Back

Ali Larter in Resident Evil

Claire Redfield took some time off in between Afterlife, the fourth Resident Evil movie, and the upcoming sixth and final installment in the video game movie franchise. But worry not, Claire fans, because she’s is in fact back for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, played once again by Heroes and Pitch star Ali Larter.

Screen Rant talked with Larter at the Resident Evil press day, where we talked about where Claire finds herself after her last appearance in Afterlife, as well as the status on a potential second season of Fox’s Pitch.

The last time we saw Claire Redfield was in Afterlife. What brought you back to the franchise?

Ali Larter: Well I think Paul [W.S. Anderson], and I think Capcom, and I think people that really love the character of Claire Redfield. I’ve had this outpouring of support for her from the first one that I was in, and people have really just loved me playing her and her being part of these movies.

She’s my favorite character.

Ali Larter: Thank you, man!

Let me ask you, where do we find Claire, and what has she been up to?

Ali Larter: So she was in a helicopter crash where she was separated from her brother. And she’s found this group of survivors that have created this kind of mini utopia; they’ve figured out a way that—with danger all around them—they’ve created a society. They’re growing wheat, and they’re creating different machinery and trying to figure out how they can survive.

Ali Larter in Resident Evil Afterlife

Trying to rebuild.

Ali Larter: Trying to rebuild. And I think that for a second—I think she hasn’t slowed down in so many years that it gives her hope, you know? And I think there’s this natural desire to have human connection. There’s this longing, and there’s only so long you can resist that. And so I think that she lets her guard down a little bit, and maybe allows herself to believe. And you can’t do that in the world of Resident Evil.

You had a lot of new actors coming in for this round of Resident Evil. What did you guys pass down to them? Cause you guys are like a family.

Ali Larter: Yeah. I mean, look, this kind of movie is not about soliloquies and monologues, okay? What we tell them is, you go in and it’s like, dirtier, bloodier, faster. This is a non-stop action movie; know your stunts, know what you’re doing. And it’s really Paul’s vision, so when you show up that day he knows what he wants. Sometimes it can be an eighth of a page and take a week to shoot it because it’s such a massive vision he has for it. And so, this is his doing.

Was there any kind of one-upmanship with the stunts, because this movie has crazy stunts.

Ali Larter: Well I mean this is Milla [Jovovich]’s movie, you know what I’m saying? So she’s the one that does the majority, almost all the stunts. But whenever we get something to do we’re all really excited.

Ali Larter in Resident Evil

I really like this franchise because it has strong female characters. Speaking of strong female characters, Pitch - what’s going on with that?

Ali Larter: See I like you, because real men aren’t scared of strong women.

2017 is the year of strong female characters. We got Wonder Woman coming out, you guys in Resident Evil.

Ali Larter: Underworld.

Exactly. So what’s up with Pitch?

Ali Larter: I have a feeling we’ll probably go back in a couple months. When I signed on to that, I just thought that script was so beautiful, and I loved—actually I’d never been in a family-friendly show like that, that also had really engaging characters. The writing has been great, and so it’s been fun to watch those characters evolve throughout the season, and I look forward to teaming up with that gang again.

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Key Release Dates
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) release date: Jan 27, 2017
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