Resident Evil: Milla Jovovich Unveils The Final Chapter Poster

Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil

As a game, Resident Evil is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The Capcom gem first hit PlayStation consoles back in 1996, and in 2002, the series crossed over into a film adaptation and hasn't looked back since. Branching off from the game, the films carved their own path from Raccoon City through a post-apocalyptic, zombie ridden USA. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the sixth film in the franchise that has made Alice and the Umbrella Corporation a household name. While the films are coming to an end after 14 years, the games continue on with Resident Evil 7 hitting PlayStation VR soon.

If ever there were a series strictly for fans, this is it. Resident Evil has never received rave reviews from critics, but that hasn't stopped the franchise from becoming the highest-grossing video game adaptation ever. Of course, with five films and a sixth on the way, no other video game franchise turned film comes close. Despite original intentions to film 5 and 6 back-to-back, the last film is finally making its way to theaters come 2017; five years after the most recent release. With original director and screenwriter Paul W. S. Anderson back at the helm and Milla Jovovich reprising her role of Alice, the film is sure to excite fans of the series.

In anticipation of the film, Milla Jovovich released a 15-second teaser on her social channels last week, and the release of the first trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is expected tomorrow. In the meantime, Jovovich has tweeted out the official poster for the film, and it looks like Umbrella Corporation might finally be going down. Take a look below:

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Poster

Along with the poster, Jovovich tweeted, "Also, tune in tomorrow at 12 noon LA time (pacific standard) to watch my FB live chat on my FB page!" It is unclear whether or not the live chat is where the full trailer will be released.

In the fifth film, Resident Evil: Retribution, audiences were left with Alice given the new task to save humanity. Thankfully, she won't have to do it alone and will have the help of some familiar faces, including Li Bingbing as Ada and Ali Larter as Claire. However, other returning cast members like Shawn Roberts as Wesker and Iain Glen as Dr. Isaacs may cause some problems for Alice.

The Final Chapter sees a return to where it all began, with Alice taking on the nefarious Umbrella Corporation in Raccoon City. The poster's tagline, "Evil Comes Home," hints at what we hope is an epic battle that has callbacks to the previous films. Behind the scenes photos from the set in South Africa show what looks like a cohesive team, but it can't be that easy for Alice, right?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will see theatrical release in the U.S. on January 27, 2017.

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