The powerhouse action moviemaking couple that is “Expenda-belles” candidate Milla Jovovich and writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson are at it again in Resident Evil: Retribution – and we have four clips to prove it.

First in line is an excerpt from a vehicle chase where the semi-invincible Alice (Jovovich) and her comrades, including Luther West (Boris Kodjoe), soar through downtown Moscow and crash its underground railway system – with such obstacles along the way as bazooka-armed Umbrella employees, abandoned vans, and a raging Licker. Let the multiple explosions and slow-motion stunts commence!

An additional clip includes the Comic-Con footage of an Arctic-based showdown involving Alice, a mind-controlled Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), and a physically-enhanced Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez), along with a ton of flying fists and bullets. Our roundup also includes a portion from the corridor-set battle where Alice flip-kicks and slices zombies to ribbons using a chain with a sharpened end, as well as the terse initial encounter between our heroine and Ada Wong (Bingbing Li).

Those who are not up to speed on the dramatic story developments in Resident Evil: Retribution should check out the official trailer (which unpacks some of the more convoluted details) before progressing any further.

UPDATE: You can also learn more about the storyline by watching the newly-unveiled featurette below (followed by the additional clips):

With Retribution, Anderson carries over the best stylistic elements from previous Resident Evil installments (native 3D and high frame-rate photography) and combinines them together with an action-driven narrative that incorporates several characters from the source video games that fans have been begging to see in live-action form – the idea being that this will allow Retribution to properly set the stage for one last movie, before Jovovich and Anderson finally call it quits.

Resident Evil Retribution Banner Resident Evil: Retribution Clips & Featurette: Lickers, Zombie Killing & New Characters [Updated]

The ratio of style to substance remains unaltered from previous films, as does a continued portrayal of Alice as the sort of invulnerable superhero who would indeed be right at home in an Expendables movie (or self-insert fan-fiction, if we’re being brutally honest). It’s for reasons like that Retribution won’t convince Resident Evil video game fans who’ve long been against Anderson’s films to alter their stance.

Members of that anti-Resident Evil movie camp can take comfort knowing the end is nigh, while those who remain loyal supporters of Anderson’s vision can look forward to a new grand-scale installment – as buildup to an even bigger climax, which will release more than 10 years after Anderson and Jovovich began their run.

Resident Evil: Retribution opens in theaters on September 14th, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures

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